Top 10 Tech Resources Teachers Should Know By Nick Osborn "the math teacher guy"


Google Apps offers everything from Google search itself to Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts and so many more. I use these apps all the time in class. The best part is that it is free and students are connected to you and each other in the Cloud


Chrome Web store is a great place to add extensions on the Google apps you already use. The extensions increase efficiency and will save you time.


Gamifying your class for exponential increase in engagement!

You just can't avoid using Kahoot! It's a great way to review topics you've covered in game atmosphere. I use all the time and it just get old. Just don't do it everyday or it will get old. Kahoot! can be used with almost any device that can connect to the internet. I plan to try Blind Kahoot which is a way to learn knew topics (same platform just setup differently and they have templates for it). You can create your own or find one that fits your lesson from the thousands others have made already


I believe I under use YouTube in some areas such as making lessons more visual. I use it in connection with EDPuzzle (which is next on the list) but I would like to create math problems in class centered our situations found from others on YouTube or from my own videos or even better student created videos.


I use the flipped classroom model where students watch lessons outside of class and then come to class ready to review and practice Algebra. EDPuzzle allows me to either assign a video from YouTube, Khan Academy, TED Talks and more. It keeps all their video lessons in one place and allows me to track progress. I myself most often create my own videos and upload to YouTube. I then assign them on YouTube.


To increase communication with my students and parents or guardians, I use It is like Facebook Messanger for Education. Students login with Google and they have a platform where I send out reminders that go out via SMS, iOS or Android apps, email, or desktop notifications. I also have student to teacher communication capability if students have questions or I need to tell a student something. Very easy to use and setup as well.


Within my math department we share all our curriculum with Dropbox. Just like Google Drive you sync across many devices and store locally on your own computer. When my colleagues create new documents in our shared folders, they are automatically synced to my own so I can see what they made as soon as they save it.

Also if you add friends or colleagues with a special from Dropbox, you can get free space increases of 2 GB for each person you add. I added my wife and family


I have just now started to use Twitter this year. I find it very useful in connecting with other educators to find out what others are doing with technology in education. I also use it to keep our community up to date with the soccer team I coach. Easy to search for relevant and current news locally as well


I can't avoid Office. It's probably one of the most used by educators with Word and Excel. I use it all the time to create worksheets, tests and for compiling data. I just don't put it at the top because it's not really knew to anyone unless you're from the Stone Age or a small island in Papa New Guinea.

Also Teachers get Office 365 for free. Just sign up at their site with your education email.


When I am looking for inspiration or ideas, I often turn to Pinterest. There is a never ending abyss full of ideas for just about anything in life. Everything from graphics to links to blogs where teachers are creating. You don't always have to create something brand new. Find something someone else did and make it work for you

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