Beyond the Beach Bermuda An adventuresome exploration of bermuda's beauty

We were thrilled to receive an invitation from the Bermuda Tourism Board to attend an exploration of Bermuda beyond the beach. Myself, two other Adventure Angels and another industry colleague journeyed to the island. Recently this year, The Adventure Travel Trade Association published a report that described the "Main Motivations for Adventure Travel." As an adventure specialist I'd like to share my thoughts about Bermuda in regards to some of the main reasons why travelers seek adventure.


Although small in size, Bermuda offers an underground portal for transformation of the soul and spirit. The enchanted caverns that have witnessed centuries of transformation make you feel like you've walked into a different dimension. These unique and special places are ideal to get in touch with your inner self and begin a metamorphosis.

Personal Growth

With so many incredible views and the vastness of the horizon surrounding every inch of the island, one can't help but to think personal thoughts about life, the spirit, the universe, the beauty and absurdity of it all... The island itself along with its stunning surroundings is uplifting and inspiring to say the least. In only 4 days I felt airy and in tune with the universe.

Gratitude and Mindfulness

Peace and Relaxation

Adventure travel is a state of mind, it’s an attitude, a willingness, a generosity. When we immerse ourselves in unique destination experiences we become the destination and its history resonates within us. Bermuda has the capacity to embrace you in its magical charm and mystery. When we feel this connection we feel present and therefore mindful. We can focus on the now when, for example, we admire the majestic beauty of its underground treasures. One can't help but to feel intense gratitude for being there.

Cultural Understanding

From the beginning of our journey we were met by our guide Larry Rogers who taught us about the Bermuda way of life. He introduced us to the culture by telling stories of families and settlers. He arranged for us to eat authentic Bermudan cuisine and taste local fruits and vegetables. He introduced us to other specialized guides and he made sure we got all of the attention we needed to make the short journey unforgettable. We were introduced to local business owners and even to the "President" of Bermuda. These storytelling, warm characters are essential in adventure travel. These people are not only our guides but they are also our teachers who provide the conduit for us, the visitor, to connect and truly engage with the destination an its people.

Beauty, Nature and Activity

Adventurers are more likely to be moderate thrill seekers that want to improve their skills, looking for opportunities to try their favorite or related activities in new places. Bermuda offers the perfect scenario for this type of experience. To rediscover the Rail Trail on a mountain bike was refreshing, literally. The crisp Atlantic breeze blowing on our face, the cool ocean splashing us swiftly, the sheer beauty of the colors of the landscape definitely bundled the beauty of nature with physical activity making the experience and adventurer's dream. This is a must do tour when visiting Bermuda. I would definitely consider it one of the highlights of our journey.

Connection to Feel Alive

Bermuda offers an opportunity to feel alive everywhere you face. It's only a matter of looking around to feel blessed "not lucky," says Larry our guide, "blessed!" "Leave the luck for Vegas," he continues. Bermuda is so removed from everything familiar to Americans and to others because it's out there, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean caught in between worlds. We are so removed from our usual surroundings that we find ourselves connecting to other aspects of our lives. We have new appreciation for say, fresh running water. The Bermuda way of life brings us closer to a simplicity foreign to most of us. Bermuda offers a sacred space where it's simpler to connect to ourselves and to each other and thus we feel alive!

Our Bermuda Beyond the Beach experience was not long in days but it's everlasting. I find myself recalling the Bermuda fresh ocean breeze, the peculiar accent of its people, the brightly painted houses with pristine white roofs. My thoughts recount the stories told to us by our knowledgeable guides and I go back there to breathe, to explore and to restore my energy. Bermuda is so much more than the beach or a cruise port. It's a place for adventurers and explorers to rediscover beauty and color. It's a destination where you will feel alive!

By: Gaby de Vega

Created By
Gaby de Vega


Photos by Gaby de Vega

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