The River Jim Harrison


Yes, we'll gather by the river,

the beautiful, the beautiful river.

They say it runs by the throne of God.

This is where God invented fish.

Wherever, but then God's throne is as wide

as the universe. If you're attentive you'll

see the throne's borders in the stars. We're on this side

and when you get to the other side we don't know

what will happen if anything. If nothing happens

we won't know it, I said once. Is that cynical?

No, nothing is nothing, not upsetting just

nothing. Then again maybe we'll be cast

at the speed of light through the universe

to God's throne. His hair is bounteous.

All the 5,000 birds on earth were created there.

The firstborn cranes, herons, hawks, at the back

so as not to frighten the little ones.

Even now they remember this divine habitat.

Shall we gather at the river, this beautiful river?

We'll sing with the warblers perched on his eyelashes.


they'll get together by a river they think is nice

the river is controlled by god

god invited things like animals

god is everywhere

if you believe you'll know he is there

we are all still alive but when we die we will be on gods side

we wont know if anything happens

is that suspicious

even if there is nothing you shouldn't worry just chill

we maybe one just might join god

he is hairy he is glowy

all life was made by him in that place

people that died before beware dont scare

they remember the peaceful place

shall we all go to heaven

they will gather with god and sing

THEME: Would we really go some place if we died if we did where would we go

TITLE: It would be about fish and how they live in a river

CONNOTATION: It talks about everyone meeting in heaven and the river is a symbol of the gates to heaven

ATTITUDE: Has to be confused dont know if heaven or god is real even if he isnt we will all go some place when we die

SHIFT: It went from talking about a river to talking about godly stuff like god will be waiting for us at the gates of heaven

TITLE: The river is a gathering place for the dead spirits of human body to meet god and be able to join him


Created with images by Skitterphoto - "river sunset hdr" • andyballard - "river fish coarse fishing perch" • rocchetta6273 - "sunset sea horizon" • JohnAlvarez - "oceanic dolphins dolphins marine life" • Chiemsee2016 - "bavaria allgäu lake"

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