Otzi's Great Discovery By: Diya Sharma

Introducing Otzi

Founders of Otzi

Otzi is a fully preserved mummy who was found on a glacier in 1991. Two hikers accidentally found Otzi and were amazed of how his whole skeleton was complete. Scientists have done carbon-dating on Otzi's and have discovered that he was alive 5,300 years ago. Many scientists don't know how Otzi died and are starting to make theories of how they think he died.

Otzi (mummy form)

There is a lot being said as to how Otzi had died, but I think Otzi died with a flint arrowhead being shot on his back and his left wrist. I believe that's how he died because scientist have evidence. Something that proved this right was that they did many tests that proved that it was an arrow that shot him and they have many images as well . Also they uses x-ray and microscope pictures to know weather the bone inside his wrist was hurt and what it was hurt from and it turned out to be that his wrist was hurt by a arrow!

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