Arresting Combination

May 19, 2017

K9 Solutions Australia and the Western Australia Police have struck up a partnership that ensures the services of the tactical canine training company for the next two years.

“We are pleased and excited to be able to finally make the partnership a reality" states Jason Kelly, director and trainer of K9 Solutions Australia. “It has been in the works for a while now, so to have it finally in place is extremely pleasing. The long term commitment of our services is a major development for us....we are acutely aware of the significance of securing such an arrangement and what it means to the business."

The partnership comes on the back of previous workshops conducted between the two parties and is aimed at introducing and implementing modern tactical canine training techniques as standard in the Western Australia Police [WAPOL] Canine Unit.

Jason adds, "The partnership ensures a deeper engagement with WAPOL. Previous workshops allowed everyone to approach discussions with eyes wide open, having scoped each other out for many months. The workshops were of great benefit to both parties and WAPOL readily accepted our philosophy once they saw it up and running. We are really looking forward to continuing to work with them."

"Our focus is to collaboratively work with WAPOL using our core training methods, some that differ considerably from conventional methods, and show how those methods can fit into what they do on a daily basis," comments Ben Geurts, second director and trainer of K9 Solutions Australia. "We are thrilled to partner with the WAPOL team on a more permanent basis. Every interaction we have previously had with them, the handler's interest and commitment to the training has been second to none."

This partnership will further strengthen the development of the business, "All of us have worked extremely hard to get to where we are today. We are really happy that as a result of that hard work, we are afforded opportunities like this and continue to work in the industry that we love....such long term cooperation and collaboration with an organisation like WAPOL is fantastic. We can't wait to get back to it and expand on what they have already learnt."

Ben adds the partnership fits perfectly with K9SA's mission to provide the highest quality tactical canine training in Australia and have an impact on the industry. "We are committed to promoting better training methods that produce canines that are active, highly trainable and perfect for use by tactical units. The WAPOL team are equally driven in achieving the common purpose, that is to be the best handlers and dogs they can be."

"One of the most important things a person should have in his or her arsenal is the willingness to learn, and we have found the WAPOL team have that by the bucket full. Their eagerness and commitment to be better at what they do is infectious and bodes well for the future."

"First we make it work, then we make it last" adds Jason. K9 Solutions Australia prides itself on being a tactical canine training company that challenges convention and one that embraces innovation. "We provide proven training methods that differ to conventional practices, and we do that not to be different to everyone else but to achieve better results than everyone else."

The WAPOL Canine Unit has a high profile, with the unit's activities constantly in the main stream media in the West.

"Everyone loves a good dog story, but it is more than that....the media are attracted to what the dogs and their handlers do and what they stand for." Ben sees great opportunity in WAPOL's public profile and good press, “K9SA do no marketing outside the online environment, and even that is very, very limited...instead we put time and energy into the work and let the results speak for themselves. Being affiliated with such a high profile and visible client can do more than any fancy advertisement,....as they say, word of mouth is king. Our approach has been to earn our way into the industry's awareness through persistence and building credibility....this collaboration with WAPOL validates our approach of the 'build it and they will come' philosophy."

K9 Solutions Australia is a joint venture created, owned and operated by Ben Geurts and Jason Kelly. Together they are the most experienced and qualified tactical working dog training team in Australia. K9SA specialise in providing tactical canine training services to military and law enforcement organisations.

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