Men's Shed Vernon Newsletter #28, December 2020

On the Cover: Masked Mark is ripping some hardwood for his Tablethon Team project. MSV has two band saws. This one for heavy duty, and another for finer tasks.

Our Mission: We Build Meaning & Well Being into Men's Lives By Engaging Hands, Hearts & Minds.

Hearts: We Did Some Visiting

...new members Ken N, Dave, P, Larry S, and Milt C. We're looking forward to getting to know each of you better.


...COVID Caution got you feeling a bit anxious...?

We understand. You'd Like To Get out a bit, but WHAT TO DO?

It's that awkward "shoulder season".

Snow conditions aren't ideal yet.

...sailing the Vendee Globe solo is, indeed, getting out and about, but could be taking that social distancing a bit too far! Besides, you have to sail, float $10 million, aannd...they've left already.

We can't go south, unless we fly.

So, what's a guy to DO?

Of course...it's brilliant! I could join

We're staying safe, limiting the number of guys in the shop at one time, tracking our attendance, and adjusting to the times.


Every Monday morning, 12-24 Men's Shed members meet on ZOOM without any care for how close we are to the next guy on the screen. It's great to catch up with one another, ask "How Ya Doin'", and stay current on the goings on at The Shed.

Pour yourself a mug and slide in. It's "Good to see ya', and good to be seen."

Visiting and encouraging are vital to well being...

THIRTY EIGHT MSV guys are now signed in to inform, interact and invigorate one another on our exclusive facebook site.

Find us on Facebook as Men's Shed Vernon...

Click the link "Join". Roy U will do the rest. THANKS, Roy!

Kal Lookout SWAT (the weeds) team.

We got invited again to lend a hand to our friends at Kal Rotary for their semi annual cleanup at Kal Lookout.

Hands: We Got Some Stuff Done!

Remember that awesome September meeting at Mackie House?

We presented our 5 year strategic plan for Men's Shed Vernon.

Since then, you voted unanimously to proceed with that plan, including finding a new Shed location ASAP.

Thanks Guys...Here we go!

Keeping Our Priorities Straight

Priority #1. We build Items for other Not For Profit Community Groups.

Harry K & Ray V are picking up a load of cedar to build garden boxes for Food Action Society North Okanagan over the winter. Would you like to help?

Priority #2. What Is An "Enterprise Day"?

Our Second Priority at The Shed is to build items that help to pay the overhead. We do that at dedicated times during the week called an Enterprise Day.

Guys get together, have some good fun building items for local businesses or other non profits. We choose not build items that actively compete with other local families earning a living here.

Our Third Priority is to build items for ourselves...

Wouldn't it be Great if all of our routers and accessories were in one place ready to use? And just like that, Ron L built a rolling router work station. Atta Boy, Ron!
Ron did the same thing for our new spindle sander. You'll have to stop by The Shed to see the latest "Drool Tool" cart.
Ray FINALLY finished his rowing oars for "Lemon Twist". They worked great. Oh, by the way, Lemon Twist was built at Men's Shed too!

Wer're Having a Tablethon! - What's THAT?

Seven teams were set by drawing names from a hat. Each team has to build a 30" x 70" x 31"H table with folding maple legs. The design is up to each team. All seven will go to furnishing our social room.

Some of the guys are being very secretive about their work until "The Reveal"

Good looking table top, guys. Check out the tight teamwork.

Minds - Staying Involved

Hey, Men's Shed. How Ya Doin'?

Good Question! We decided to get an independant assessment done to see if we're in good organizational health.

We retained an independant academic expert to survey and interview us, our significant others, and our CMHA collaborators.

Well...what did Dr. Kemp find? Here are a couple of his key findings that relate to our readers.:

"In terms of the mental health benefits to participating in the MSV Program, more than 90% of members either agreed or strongly agreed that participation in MSV makes them feel better about themselves, gives them a sense of satisfaction and meaning with their contributions, and has made them more aware of the importance of men’s mental health."

"..members overwhelmingly acknowledged that they have a greater sense of purpose from attending MSV, they feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves, MSV has strengthened their understanding of their value and purpose, and strengthened their appreciation for their own gifts and skills."

"The Men’s Shed Vernon Program provides members opportunities for contributing their personal skills, knowledge and experience in three primary ways: leadership, sharing their skills and knowledge, and connecting to the community."

Like any good doctor, we also got a few pointers on how to live a healthier organizational life. That, too was much appreciated. We are very encouraged.

Doctors Hockey Tournament Gives Men's Shed Vernon a $25,000 "Cheque Up"!

For Thirty Seven years, the Doctor's Hockey Tournament has fielded twenty four teams in Vernon area rinks for the largest physician's weekend of back checking and charity chequing in Western Canada!

Seeking to support men's mental health and a tie that gives back to the community, the tournament directors invited Men's Shed Vernon to come and make a visionary presentation for a relationship and support.

The Doctor's Hockey Tournament really embraced our activities, vision, and our five year plan. As a result, they have made a substantial and meaningful donation of $25,000 to Men's Shed Vernon that will enable us to seek matching funds towards a larger Shed location that is desperately needed.

What A Boost


Sometimes Grief & Giving Go Hand In Hand!

As the guys know, Jim Popowich has been a big supporter of Men's Shed Vernon. Through, Jim, we have had opportunity to give our time and talents to the Allan Brooks Centre.

Jim and Laverne have also been generous with their financial support and with their time in being our encouragers.

A few months, ago, their sister in law, Nell Popowich was diagnosed with brain cancer, and sadly died just a month ago. Jim's brother Doug Popowich (photo here) then died just a few weeks later. A likely contributing cause was a broken heart.

As older guys, our empathy and sympathy for your family loss is profound, Jim and Laverne.

Doug Popowich had a master carpenters shop that he likened to his Men's Shed. Perhaps not with 40 guys like ours, but it did keep Doug circulating in the Edmonton community.

I am so pleased to say that the Popowich family has decided that a number of Doug's excellent tools are being given to Men's Shed Vernon.

At the heart of Doug's shop was a state of the art CNC router work station. This is a tool that is high on our priority list.

This excellent tool includes Doug's own handiwork. Doug fashioned a lit enclosure for sound and dust control, as well a computer design cart.

Stay tuned to to our newsletters for updates as the CNC and other surprises arrive at The Shed.

We trust that our joy and intent to have these tools working for our community will be a balm to your grief, Jim and family.


You can be an encourager, too!

Are there a couple of important guys in your life? We're sure there are. Give them a call today ( or better yet, RIGHT NOW ), and ask them...They''ll appreciate your concern more than you know.

Thinking about others diminishes concerns about ourselves, and can help to brighten your outlook.

From All The Guys at Men's Shed Vernon: May You Find, and Be, A Special And Unexpected Blessing of Friendship & Caring Amidst The Uncertainties This Year.

Men's Shed Vernon is open Monday - Saturday 9AM - 1PM.


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Raymond Verlage


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