Renaissance Gallery By: Tarrice Jones

Michelangelo Tarpon

  • Artist: Michelangelo
  • On the top of the Sistine chapel
  • Still inside the Sistine Chapel

Jonah and a Tarpon are shown in the Painting but what makes this so special is the fish in the painting which might be an American Tarpon. It is very surprising because of when the Tarpons were introduce later in the 16th century after the Renaissance area. Is why this mysterious Tarpon in this gallery.

Possible original version

The Lost Leonardo

  • Artist- Leonardo da Vinci copy version : Peter Paul Rubens
  • Made in the mid 16th century
  • A lot of copies but the original is lost

The painting of "The Battle of Anghiari" was chosen to be painted by Leonardo da Vinci himself. After 14 years of being painted it was stolen or hidden under the rubble frescos The hall of five hundred inPalazzo Vecchio. The painting is special because of the techniques and what it had to go through during the process is why it's in here.

Disputation of the Holy Socrament.

  • Artist- Raphael
  • Location and year created- 1508-1511 and located in the Raphael Rooms
  • Currently in the Vatican Museum

The painting shows the glorified Christ in the center with all his wounds. Which can be as a reminder of Universal Judgement day. This piece is very Religious and it is held right now in Vatican City a highly religious place. The reason it is chosen for this gallery is because of the beautifully painted painting and its sophisticated design.

A lady with an Ermine

  • Artist- Leonardo da Vinci
  • Date of creation- 1489-1490
  • Location- Milan
  • New location- Czartoryski Museum

This painting was changed over the course of time the background darken, the veil being repainted the color of her hair, and shadowed between her fingers. This painting is one of the most important arts in Western Art. Only a handful of his painting survive but these paintings show the unparalleled creativity of Leonardo da Vinci and why we must have this painting in the gallery.

Saint Mark

  • Artist- Donatello
  • Date-1411-1413
  • Location-Orsanmichele

St Mark was commissioned by a linen guild one of the poorer ones in Florence. They hire Donatello to Sculpt a statue of their patron St Mark which is 7ft 9" tall. The bask side is not carved because it is in a niche in a building called Orsanmichele. The way he used to carve this was freestanding sculpture was loss at the time is why it is in this gallery.

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