Polio Vaccine Bettina Thomas


In 1953 about two years before the vaccine was made, there 23,000 cases of polio. After the two vaccines, inactivated and live, became licensed the number of polio cases has lowered dramatically. Polio is estimated to be eradicated in 2018. There has been no cases of Type 2 Poliovirus hasn't been reported since 1999.

Anatomy and Physiology

There are three different types of poliovirus (Types 1,2, and 3.With type 1 being the most common) . The virus gets in through the mouth and goes to the motor neuron by the bloodstream.Once in a motor neuron the virus replicates at an impressive rate. Polio destroys nerve cells in the spinal cord which results in muscle wasting and paralysis.

How the Vaccine Works

  • There are two types of polio vaccines: inactivated poliovirus(dead) and oral poliovirus(live). Both types of vaccines attack all three types of virus.
  • The oral type of the polio vaccine is able to stimulate B-cells without involving the T-Helper cells
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