Rescuing Jeffery Richard Galli pg:187

The story is a memoir about the author, Richard Galli dealing with his son, Jeffery being paralyzed from the neck down. As he does not know what to do and he thinks Jeffery would be better of dead than sit in a bed the rest of his life just a head. But, Jeffery ultimately clings on to the hope of recovery and the father Richard Galli has to deal with that. And my visual of the small fire is a symbol of Jeffery's hope and the dark around it is reality.

I also learned a lot from this book about life choices for example, "The question was whether would be able to care for him each day" (Galli 85). I was blind to the fact that people in the state of not being able to control their body are completely dependent on others to take care of them everyday. With no hope of recovery as well so another question I would have how does it generally go for both sides.

"An Accident like Jeff's is the product of an infinite number of variables" (Galli 179). I looked up the technical term for this and it is called the butterfly effect. The theory is basically that there is an infinite amount choices in your life and if you alter even one than the effect on your life could be totally different.

"After a while we agreed that Jeffery's tracheotomy would be taken off next days schedule" (Galli 69). I learned that a Tracheotomy is a an incision in the windpipe made to relieve an obstruction to breathing. Honestly if you are put into this position where this is needed it sound really scary.

"The trick wasn't giving up the anger she had: the trick was not getting angry in the first place." (Galli 81). I disagreed with advice the author gives the readers because how can you avoid anger when something bad has happened to you? I think the real trick is to overcome anger and you will come out a better person because of that.

"If you smash your hand with a hammer, the tissue remains, but it has been, squashed, destroyed the contusion. (Galli 23). I did not know that a bruise ment your tissue was permanently destroyed. So how how does your body get rid of the dead tissue and replace it? If it even does.

Another component would be how did Richard Galli come to the hard conclusion to kill your son?


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