RISE is an initiative on how to bring the change within and moving towards the Transformation of individuals in all facets of life especially in the Corporate by making them effective and productive with Intelligence and Actions that will make "Realize Your Potential". Effortlessly acting and making life beautiful in totality. Velmaran S - Founder Chairman Asyana Foundation

Who is your Role Model? Understanding the real meaning of role model with Intelligence not by knowledge opens the mind with more clarity. This is not for winning the race but only to open the mind. Let us read this writing deeply as it goes deep in our mind and heart.

The meaning of role is extracted from rolling which means rolling in the present moment wth understanding. The meaning of model is either mode or copy. So having a role model is copying the rolling of some one’s actions. This in turn does not lead to rolling in ones own actions in a particular environment and conditions. This also limits to understand one’s inner potential which is limitless in different ways for every individual. So the best way one would look at it is he/she roles the actions in the best possible way understanding the possibilities within himself/herself by understanding the conditions and environment outside under the purview of own intelligence which is natural.

To say it better,following the role model is reading and writing an exam without understanding the practicality of the theory and application of it. Every individual is an unique theory and understanding that theory and applying or rolling that undesranding is Acting with Intelligence. This leads to one’s role to act with intelligence. While it is emphasized on the individual levels one can observe the role model within himself and may consider or learn from others what are some of the things they have done better in different conditions or environment. Its for tuning the Intelligence as per conditions.

If you follow a role model and become a role model. Both the ways it will limit the intelligence of acting with best understanding of you and the environment. So, when it is said that way one can explore huge possibilities and act with high potential because the very nature of intelligence is naturally limitless.Hence instead of becoming a Role Model or following a Role Model performing the Role (can be anything) with Intelligence will lead to Act naturally. Let that Act be an inspiration to you and others. Inspire with IntelAct while it is done with Passion resulting in Compassion.

“Intelligence is not Knowledge”

What is really a possibility in the Mind ?

Before getting into the possibility of the Mind lets have little brief understanding of the fundamental nature of the Mind.

The mind is always in the contant movement in the search which has evolved and evolving with that search, learning and experiencing it. It searches in order to have the momentum of Life. So how it functions fundamentally is with the thoughts or thought produced in every single moment from which the action is resulted. In that thought which is enabling the action is only for seeking the pleasure of experiencing this life. As it happens with the pleasure the fear is all the time carried with it. So the Mother thought carries two children pleasure and fear at the same time. So in that search how do we find the new possibilities in anything onself gets involved. Be it Business, Arts or Digital Transformation. Lets travel more through this understanding while together learning it.

The Two Examples for clear understanding

SWIMMING is one of the great examples can be looked into. As anyone who has experienced this learning would know it better.If one is put near the swimming pool there is a natural trembling if he is not a swimmer because the fear holded in the thought to learn and experience this pleasute is superceded by thinking what will happen. The moment he gets into water the learning starts and gradually the experiencing continues with the pleasure and fear. Even this is the same for a learnt swimmer too because he will experience and have the fear if he goes to the next level like swimming in a river or sea. The fundamental reason is the energy of life and nature protecting you from that pleasure to have continuity of life which is natural. But if we look at the overall process there is a great learning and experience in the movement of energy protected by nature. The degree of this learning and experience varies how far one has the thought and actions in the present moment. Most of us mostly think and act from the past or from the future. This in turn create the space for fear more and not having the space for learning and experiecing in the present moment which is “NOW”.

A Scientist or an innovator who is working on finding a solution or new invention can be an example because when it comes to a solution how far he is closer or the closest to the “NOW” the exact moment right now. When Einstein was working and doing a research to come up with this study on defining the ENERGY he found half of it as Enegy is Mass. But one day when he arrived home and his wife was preparing the dinner table and called him for dinner. While he was stepping suddenly he saw a bright light through the window. He stopped at that moment and deeply observed and worked on it further gave him a solution E=MC Square. C is the light. This very much tells us that allowing the mind to the closest possible “NOW” gives more space for great observation and learning and experiencing. Beyond which NEW Possibilities RISE.

Since from history or from our own lives we have leant and experienced this, may be unconsciously or consciously or may be acting from the past or acting from the furure. People in any field be it business arts or corporate shall opt to make themselves closer to “NOW” when we are in the digital transformation at the present moment of life.

A Beautiful Mind becomes mindful being in the “NOW” understanding the nature very clearly but not by full of Mind with past and future. ITS JUST NOW. YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE.

The fundamental difference between the rest of the species and human is limited and continuous learning. The very fact of nature’s learning is the evolution of human mind which is evolving every single moment through changes. Having emphasized such a significance of learning then why we should not give an attention to understand it for greater reasons. Let you and me travel this journey by learning.

The Essential meaning of It

In the word Learn itself there is a word EARN. So if there is earning then one will further has to question what is that Earning. So is it about earning wealth or earning health. Then what is it exactly. It is exactly earning the very essence of living in between birth and death. So the essential meaning is learning every moment in the present is Life. This learning becomes phenomenal if it is continuous and conscious.

Why It should Be Continuous ?

The nature of the mind is continous movement except during the sleep where it rests in the heart and digests and then come back for fresh learning and experiences. If there is no learning this movement becomes monotonous. If it becomes monotonous then it looses its vitality and looks for change. So in order to keep it ‘s vitality the learning should be continuous by which the constant change which is very natural is properly understood, lived and experienced.

How do I make this as happening?

Firstly the fundamental natural principle could be following the nature I mean have a sound proper regular sleep wherein the digestion of the mind is very effective which leads to fresh learning.

Secondly try to unlearn and forget what have been learnt which anyways will reside in subconsious memory and will help when required. Do not carry and act always with past knowledge or experience though it has built you to this level today. Let that not be a load in your concious mind. Learn to let go and be emptied every single day which allows for fresh learning and experiences which becomes as an effortless learning.

Being an empty POT which is filled with fresh water evey day. Not a full POT which carries old water all the time same like your Qualifications Designations and Social Status and so on. This does not lead your mind to have more spece to learn – Because the essence of Life itself is learning. In that learning there is more clarity and understanding. Life with that learning is more cherishing.

Finally understanding the importance

Hence in any field of life be it individual social or professional where there is a continuous learning environment and people who continuously nurture this learning not only technically and most importantly non technically then there is a Life evolving with tremondous oportunities and real growth in that field.

Continuous learning consciously in the present moment is LIFE.

Learning for Earning becomes very limited.Thinking with the clarity and total understanding stops here.

Contact: Velmaran S, Founder Chairman, Asyana Foundation E-Mail: velmaran_gem@yahoo.com Mobile: 919440921243

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