Essential Rules of Basic Photography Ivy Santiago

Leading Lines

The focus goes to the camera and the depth is shallow. The lighting is soft and it enhances the camera. The first thing that you should see in the photo is a camera which is the right thing. The exposure is towards the bus. There is color which corporate with the picture. The critique would be putting the camera in a different spot.


The attention in this picture goes to the tree and bird. The exposure has a lot of shadows. The focus in this picture is mostly the bird. The depth of field is shallow. The lighting is soft in this picture. There really isn't any color in this picture because its mostly all black. The critique would be the lighting because its too dark.


The direct attention goes to the ball. There really isn't a right thing both objects are because if you look at the guys eyes it will lead to the ball. The area in my opinion is over exposed. The focus is more on the ball. The depth of field is shallow. The lighting is somewhat harsh on the skin. There is a lot of color in the picture.

Rule of Thirds

The direct attention is on the soccer ball. The area isn't underexposed because the main object looks big and the background isn't too much. The focus is on the main subject. The focus on the soccer ball is sharp. The depth of field is shallow because the focus is on the soccer ball. The lighting on this picture is soft. The color in the picture are good colors because there are not colors that makes it overwhelming. The critique would be a different location because the grass isn't the best.

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