Instructional Technology Newsletter November 2018

Schoology Tips!

How to use links to build in materials or resources you already have!

This video details how you can insert links to any URL into assignments or pages. If it has a URL you can link it! This is not the process for creating a copy of a document for each student.

How to use updates and messages to communicate to Groups or Classes in their stream or email


Parent access and the mobile app will only be enabled for the 19-20 school year. Parents should continue to use HAC to access grades until that time. Schoology will be our platform for delivering instruction in the 19-20 for NMS & SV.

DCIU STem Lending Library


A thank you to Danielle Clark for sharing this valuable resource!

Google SLides: Much more than a presentation tool!

Kasey Bell shares 12 ways to use Google Slides that you probably haven't tried. Add engagment to lessons and utilize this tool beyond simple presentations. See some excellent ideas in the link.


G. doc add-on to help improve writing

Unlike Grammarly, you can use this add-on directly within a Google Doc. GradeProof's algorithms instantly corrects and improves you or your students' writing. GradeProof analyses work for grammatical issues, helping you to check for and avoid mistakes and makes recommendations. It analyzes word choice, phrase structure and even provides detailed statistics about each piece of writing.

Example of statistics available when using this add-on.

Teachers use this add- on to help students:

Improve style and sentence structure for content, write and refine an essay or paper, check and polish assignments for college, preparing an article for a newspaper or blog, teaching students how to write more effectively.

Thanks to Rene DiPietro for sharing this valuable resource!


Find the right ed tech tool for your objective and class' devices all in 1 site!

EdTechTeacher.org provides the ability for you to search for useful apps based on what you are trying to do with students as well as ensuring they work for the device you are using. The site even rates the ease of use and cost (if applicable). No more finding that awesome app only to discover it only works on Ipads. This is one great resource that will lead to many more, take a look!


Find copyright free music for class or student projects

This video details how you can access music and use it in media or presentations without copyright or licensing issues. With any media files, always preview them before use for potential inappropriate language. A folder can be created of tracks you have approved and then that can be shared with students.

GoGuardian quick tip!

If students are being blocked from a site that you believe they should have access to and you aren't sure who may be blocking them, look at the url on the top of the blocked message. As you scroll to the right the blocking teachers name will appear in the URL.

What tech are you working with that has been an asset to instruction?

If there is a tip or trick or a program that is working well for you please share it with me and I would be happy to inlcude it in upcoming newsletters. Please help others learn from what has worked well for you!

Thank You

If anyone would like training with any of the items described above or anything else tech related please email me.

cgorniok@pdsd.org X8318 @CgorniokEdTech on Twitter

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