Type 2 Diabetes

General Background:

Once you are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes there are a couple things you need to know and understand. Your type of diabetes is developed by chronic stress, obesity, high blood pressure, inactivity, or a predisposition of it in your family. Your body produces insulin (a chemical that lets you use the sugars you eat) but the insulin doesn't quite fit. That being said, your body cant use all the sugar you consume which can cause problems in your urinary track, weight, fatigue, and other simple activities.

Basic Diet for a Type 2

Limit total carbohydrate consumption to 45-60 grams per meal. Not more than 180 per day. A plate should be 1/4 protein, 1/4 starch, 1/2 non starchy vegetables. Daily ratio should be: 55 carbs: 20 fats: 25 protein. Nutrient dense carbohydrates are recommended. Instead of white bread you can eat whole wheat bread. Instead of eating a bag of salty chips you can eat some peanuts. All of this included into a daily exercise routine.

How to Monitor your Blood Sugar and A1C

Monitoring your blood sugar seems like a hassle but it is actually easier than you think. With daily exercise, eating right, and medication with insulin therapy you can feel better about your condition. You can check to see if you're in your target range for blood sugar by doing A1c tests. A1c tests ,AKA glycohemaglobin test, are tests that measure the amount of sugar in your blood. It is used to tell you if your blood is high, low, or just right with your sugar levels. A normal range for 10.9 to 15.5.

Daily Exercise Routine

Exercise is now a must have in your daily life. You can do things such as walking, yoga, dancing, or even gardening. Any type of movement for about 20 minutes a day is enough. You have to use the sugar that your body has stored or your blood sugar will be to high. Exercising daily can help that. Exercise can improve your mood and keep your blood pressure in check to put you in a better place for your check-ups.

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