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Ever since I was a kid I've always known I was creative kid. It all started one fateful day when my mom left her nail polish out. I just happened to walk by it and decided that she needed a new paint color on the bed spread. This is my first year taking beginning art, and someday I hope to become a CAD artist. I think beginning art is a really great opportunity for anyone who would like a basic art skill. This semester I learned how to not push so hard on my pencil and cause an out line on my piece and how to blend my piece so it looks good.

Elements of Art

Out of all four of these, I think the easier one of them was the horse because there weren't many detailed lines you had to draw upside down. The man was one of the more difficult ones, because some of his feature were hidden behind the rocking chair. Drawing the lines of my hand while not looking at my paper was the hardest thing I've done because you have to resist the urge to look. The sunflowers were harder because you had to draw them each a little differently.

My Negative and Positive Space Drawing

Drawing the positive and negative space cat was easier said than done. I discovered that I tend to apply more pressure on pencil on the out line so it was darker but luckily I learned how to blend it in and look furry.

My Before and After Hand Drawings

I remember when I drew my first hand, I thought it was great, which it was, but now the more I look at it, the way I pressed hard on my pencil made it look 2D. My second one was a more accurate view of my hand because it looks 3D.

My Profile

When I started my profile I thought it would look nothing like me. But in reality I had been underestimating my artistic ability. I like the way my chin is shaped and how it looks like it does on my regular face. One thing I wish I had more time on was my eye, because it looks smaller than my eye actually is. Also the shape of my ear is a bit off.

My Stippling

When I drew my stippling, I was shocked to see the resemblance in it to a actual tiger. You can't really tell the lines are dots. Also I feel I succeeded in giving its fur texture. One of my favorite things is the eyes of it, because they appear to look like I had drawn them, but actually my dots are just more close together.

My Still Life

Now to me, I felt that my still life wasn't one of my highlights in the class. One thing I wish I could have worked on a bit longer is the skeleton. The mouth and ribs I did on the last day, and to me they seem a little cartoonish. One thing I do like about the skeleton is his form and how accurate he looks to the way he actually did.

My Cat Scratch Board

When I was a kid, I used to love doing scratch boards, and I still do, if not more. A few of my favorite things I did on the cat were the eyes and wiskers. I like how when I drew in some of the wiskers I would start putting more pressure on my scraper and then keep applying less and less til it would well... vanish. Also on the eyes I like how I gave them that little sparkle.

Corner of the Room Drawing and 2 Point Perspective Drawing

When I first drew my corner of the room at the beginning of the year, I had thought it was really good. For example the windows and door. But later on when I did my 2 point perspective, I had thought it was an accurate representation of that part of the hallway. On the left side you can see where the top of the wall and the bottom connect thus creating the vanishing point. I also think the windows and trash bin and the way I had blended them look very good.

Before and After Self Portrait

When I first drew my portrait in the beginning of the year I had thought it looked great and very accurate. But now looking back at that I have no idea what I was thinking. My final self portrait looks great compared to the other one. Some of my favorite things that turned out well were my eyes and dimples. Though I do wish I would have pressed lighter so that the dimple lines were not so dark.

My Ruscha Ribbon Drawing

I felt like my ruscha ribbon drawing looks very good. I like how my letter N pops out of the paper. Also I really like my C's shadow. One thing I am not so pleased with is my E because I feel like I had made the shadows a bit too big, especially the top one. Though there is one thing for sure about this piece that shows, is how my blending style increased.

My Closing Words

All thought beginning art this semester, I figured out how to work around my challenges. When I started art I was applying way to much pressure on my pencil, but now I can control and balance it by blending with stumps and tissues. I also learned to have a vanishing point in my art pieces. Some of my most enjoyable things I experienced in art was, sitting where we want if we were good. To me that helped a lot because I feel most of my greatest work came from where I was sitting now. Also I enjoyed having some guest speakers come in, and explain what they are using their art skills for. One of my favorite things we drew were the stippling drawings. Now I hope to countinue using my new art skills for advanced art and to where life takes me next.

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