Final Project-Calendar by Hannah Robledo

In this picture, my friend is dressed as Trump and i am dressed up as a Trump supporter. I selected this picture because Donald Trump is becoming our president.

This is a picture of me and my shadows, I selected this picture because this was taken in February of 2016. We were walking to go on a hiking trial.
This picture is from my favorite concert that I went. It is my favorite band "5 Seconds of Summer" I had really good seats and it was so fun.
This picture is my dog Bentley. He is such a happy dog and this picture is my favorite one I've taken of him because it captures how funny and happy he is.
This my other dog Emmy. I was becoming hot outside again and her favorite place to go is the long chair out on my deck. She can lay down in that same place in the sun all day.
This picture was taken on the last day of school last year. My friends and I went down to dane street beach to walk on the rocks and put our feet in the water.
This picture was taken on the 4th of July. My friend and I went to West Beach to watch the fireworks.
This picture is me and my friend Savannah. She now goes to a different school and I don't see her all the time. This picture was taken at her house during her sisters birthday party. I like this picture because for an hour we were having fun with snapchat filters.
In this picture Giana and I went to a farm in Danvers to start off our fall activities. We both picked out pumpkins that we later carved.
In this picture my friends and I went into Salem the day before Halloween to walk around and go to the little carnival that they have set up.
This picture was taken at the Topsfield Fair. The fair is my favorite place to go to during fall.
This picture was taken when they first lit the tree in Boston. Me and my friend spent the night in Boston to see the tree.

The next set of photos are from when I was trying to come up with how I am going to develop my calendar. At first I not going to make my pictures fill the whole screen. I was doing to do a glitter effect background and different imagines but I decided that I did not like the way it was turning out. I was also going to make the calendar part separate from the image.

I decided to create this calendar because I am always in need at looking at a calendar when I'm making appointments, making my work schedule, and seeing what days off we have in school. I thought it would be more enjoyable to take the memories i've captured through pictures to months that correspond with the pictures. At the beginning of this course, I did not know anything about photoshop, now that this class is over, I feel more comfortable using photoshop and have a better understanding. To create this I used all 5 standards. For standard 1 I used different techniques within photoshop. I added different layers to my background picture to individually type in each date for the calendar. For standard 2, in this project i got especially got good at balancing the colors in the whole picture. I also got good at repetition from making every calendar the same font and size. For standard 3, I am trying to express what my favorite memories are and put them into a calendar. For standard 4, The pictures that I have uploaded are my final images but also I added images from drafting and editing my project. For standard 5, I am happy with my final calendar and while i was first working on this project, i critiqued it and made it into something that I liked.


My own photos. 

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