Domain Eukarya classification and taxonomy

All animals are heterotrophs

All animals are motile at one point in their life.

All animals are multicellular.

All animals are eukaryotic.

All animals reproduce sexually.

All animal cells do not have a cell wall.

All animals have their DNA in the nucleus

Some animals are hermaphrodites

Kingdom animalia have several sub groups

All animals organs that help them react to their environment.

Kingdom Anamalia

Kingdom Plantae

All plants are autotrophs

All plants are multicelluar

Most plants reproduce sexual

All plants are non-motile

All plants have a cell wall

Cell walls are made out of cellulose

All plants make their food through photosynthesis

All plants have chlorophyll

Features of a plant are distinguishable different from those of kingdom animalia

All living creatures depend on plants to survive

Kingdom Fungi

All fungi are heterotorphs

All fungi are non-motile

Some fungi reproduce asexually. Others reproduce sexually

All fungi are decomposers

Some fungi are unicellular and some are multicelluar

All fungi have cell walls

Cell walls are made out of chitin

All fungi help recycle minerals back into the earth

All fungi do not posses chlorophyll

Fungi are more similar to the animals than plants

Kingdom Protista

Junk drawer of taxonomy

All protist are eukaryotic

Majority protist are unicelluar. Some are multicelluar

Some protist are motile. Sometimes they are non-motile

Either autotrophic or heterotrophic

All protist reproduce asexually

Motile protist use flagella or cilia to move around.

Reproduce through the process of mitosis

Protists structures are simpiler than the other 3 kingdoms

The name protist mean "very first"


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