中共舆论审查,危及美国学术自由 【中英对照翻译】

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Dartmouth warns professors about crossing the Chinese government


  • Dartmouth asked professors to protect students who may be threatened by the Hong Kong national security law.
  • Other prominent American universities, including Harvard, Penn, and Princeton, have asked professors to take similar precautions.
  • 达特茅斯大学(Dartmouth)要求教授保护可能受到香港国家安全法威胁的学生。
  • 其他著名的美国大学,包括哈佛大学(Harvard)、宾夕法尼亚大学(Penn)和普林斯顿(Princeton)大学,都要求教授采取类似的预防措施。

Dartmouth College is the latest American university to warn professors about dangers to students who violate Hong Kong’s new national security law.


Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Elizabeth Smith sent a memo to professors whose course curriculum “deals with China,” The Dartmouth reported. Smith warned that students from mainland China or Hong Kong “could be at risk” if they address topics such as Hong Kong protests, the persecution of Uighurs, the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, and China’s use of online censorship.

达特茅斯学院报道,艺术和科学学院院长伊丽莎白·史密斯(ElizabethSmith)给 教“如何与中国打交道”课程的教授们发了一份备忘录。史密斯警告说,来自中国大陆或香港的学生“可能会面临风险”,如果他们谈论诸如香港抗议、迫害维吾尔人、1989年天安门大屠杀以及中共国应用网络审查等话题。

Smith told professors to “alert and inform” students about the potential risks presented by the national security law. The memo recommended removing all identifying information from course submissions, disabling video on Zoom, and excusing students from participation grades based upon assignments that cannot be completed anonymously.


The national security law was passed in reaction to recent pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. The statute is meant to suppress activities promoting the secession of Hong Kong as well as collusion with foreign entities to subvert the government in Hong Kong.


Campus Reform previously reported that leading American universities including Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, and Amherst College have taken similar steps to protect their students from the Chinese Communist Party.


To comply with the law, Princeton students taking Chinese politics will utilize code names on their assignments to protect their identities from Beijing.


Campus Reform reached out to Dartmouth College for comment and will update this article accordingly.


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