February Project Progress Baitul Futuh & Carlton House

Carlton House, Putney

We were appointed by Ardmore to complete the demolition of Carlton House late last year. The 6 storey former office block is being demolished as part of a major redevelopment scheme on the site. Over the next 2 years the site will be transformed into a new residential complex by Ardmore. The site is situated within very close proximity to both residential and retail premises, it was essential to ensure that the demolition works were planned with these constraints in mind. Downwell attended community meetings at a local art center. At these meetings we discussed the method and the programme with local residents and business owners. These sessions were aimed at answering questions and concerns they may have with the demolition and construction phases of the project.

Part of the presentation that was delivered to the local residents and business ownwers.

The chosen demolition method for the project was the 'top-down' method. This method is mostly adopted in inner city areas where there is little room for the large traditional demolition machines. It involves encapsulating the entire structure with scaffolding and Monarflex sheeting and reducing the building a floor at a time using small 5t machines. The small machines are lifted onto the roof using a crane.

Prior to completing this the floors will need to be assessed by a structural engineer. This is to ascertain the size and quantity of plant permitted on the floors. For this project the engineer concluded that the 3 floors beneath the floor being demolished would need propping. Further propping would be needed beneath point on the floor that would be used to 'ramp down' to the floor below. The propping was installed by Inner City Scaffolding before being inspected and then signed off by our temporary works engineer.

Propping detail throughout the 3 floors below the floor being demolished.

The scaffolding on the outside of the building was also erected by Inner City Scaffolding. They had to encapsulate the entire building whilst also providing access beneath the building. This access is required for 2 reasons. The first reason is to provide access to the rear car park, which is the demolition site compound, site office and processing area. The second reason was to provide access to a neighbouring car park which is accessed under our building. The scaffolding had to therefore be bridged across the 2 entrances to these car parks.

Debris fans had to be installed at certain safety crucial locations. These locations were the access to the neighbouring car park and above a neighbouring property that stands a mere 5m away on the southern elevation of the tower. These debris fans are designed to catch any debris that could make its way through the scaffolding.

Inner City Scaffolding provided all of the scaffolding for the project.

With the scaffolding erected the plant had to be lifted onto the roof to allow the demolition to commence. 2 x 5t excavators and a skidsteer were lifted up via a crane positioned in the rear car park. The structural demolition of the building could now commence. We are currently 3 days into the demolition of the building. The months of planning and preparation are now being put into practice. The top floor of the building is currently being reduced with all of the arisings being deposited down the lift shaft. Water is being pumped to the top of the scaffolding to help reduce the dust being emitted. Water is also being used at the bottom of the lift shaft as the material is loaded down.

The project is planned to be completed over the next 8 weeks with the top-down demolition finishing at first floor level and remaining sections being demolished using standard height demolition excavators. We will be publishing more progress as the project continues.

Baitul Futuh Mosque, Morden

We were appointed late last year by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association to assist with the redevelopment of the mosque following a devastating fire that gutted a large amount mosque. It was decided by the association to demolish the structure to make way for a larger more modern facility.

Downwell arrived on site on the 9th January alongĀ Inner City Scaffolding and Inner City Environmental. There is a small amount of scaffolding required along certain elevations of the structure. This scaffolding is required to provide protection to the mosque users, which is to stay fully functional whilst the demolition is being completed. There were asbestos materials present in the building prior to the fire. The materials were removed by Inner City Environmental prior to the start of the demolition. they will also be completing a watching brief and air testing during certain elements of the demolition.

During the planning of the demolition we had to make sure that the running of the mosque could be continued with as little disruption as possible. This was no straight forward task as mere metres away from the demolition would be worshipers and employees who would be using the remaining facilities 7 days a week.

The demolition works had to be broken up into different zones. Each zone would utilize a different demolition method according to the risk associated with it. Zone A was single storey and could be demolished using standard height demolition equipment. Zone B is 4 storey and and is currently being demolished using a high reach excavator. This section required scaffolding to be erected along the eastern elevation. This was needed to allow the access rd to the rear car park to be continually used throughout. Zone B is currently in the final stages of being demolished.

The site broken up into zones

Zone C is to be completed next is directly against the live facility and is to remain live throughout the works. To ensure that there is as least disruption as possible to the people using the mosque facilities, this section is to be demolished using a combination of standard height demolition plant and workers working from cherry pickers. Hand tools will be used when working close to the live areas. This is to help reduce the noise and vibration created by the larger machines. The final section to be demolished will be Zone D. This zone has been kept last due to it housing the switch and comms rooms for the site and that it is providing a natural screen to the railway line. We will keep you updated with progress on these areas as it develops.

We are currently coming to the end of week 4 of the 20 week overall programme and works are coming along smoothly and safely. A big thank you to everyone at the mosque for being so hospitable especially at keeping our guys so well fed. More progress updates coming soon.

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