Ten Year Plan By: SHAUNA COOK

After I graduate from high school in just a few short weeks I plan to get accepted to Lawson State for two years. While I am there I am planning on majoring in Biology and get my associates degree in Biology.
After I graduate with my associates degree in Biology from Lawson State I am planning on transferring to the University of South Alabama to major in Marine Sciences
After I graduate from South I plan to become a Marine Mammal Trainer where I will help train dolphins, sea lions, whales, etc. help take care of them such as feeding and health, and I will take care of there habitat.
As a trainer I also have to do mental and physical exercises with the animals to keep them healthy and happy. They are also called into work to assist sick or injured animals.
If I have problems finding a job with this then I am not limited to jobs I can have by having a degree in Biology and Marine Sciences. There will always jobs with marine sciences such as marine biologist, oceanography, marine archeology, and aquatic veterinarian.
For the longest time I have always wanted to work with animals but I really figured out that I wanted to major in Marine Sciences when I had to do a project in 9th grade on a Hawksbill sea turtle.
After the project I went to the beach and realized that I want to be out there training and taking care of dolphins and sea lions because while I'm training them I also get to take care of them.
I am beyond excited for this ten years to fly by where I can begin a new chapter in my life and enjoy being around animals that I have loved since I was a little girl.

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