Fashion inspired and artfully crafted, each session is beautifully guided from start to finish. During your professionally styled hair and makeup, we'll help select your outfits to give you the look and style you want. Once your session starts, the fun begins and the rest of the time is filled with stunning images you'll be swooning over!



I decided to make the switch from my one Snoqualmie Ridge studio to now making the entire world my studio. By doing so, I have much more flexibility in locations, backgrounds, lighting, artistic concepts, etc. Depending on where you live or are coming from I may schedule your session at a specific Airbnb, boutique hotel, or on/at a specific styled location. As an artist, I love having this creative freedom and not being bound to one specific location.

AMOR Boudoir offers a more personalized and boutique boudoir experience to ensure you are completely comfortable and taken care of from start to finish, before and after your session. And with professional hair and makeup available in studio as well, AMOR Boudoir is a one stop, full service boudoir studio that is sure to give you an experience you'll never forget.


Hi, I'm Tyler and I'm the primary portrait artist you'll be working with during a session. Photography is a very powerful art form that can literally change the way you see yourself and your life. While I love being able to capture special moments on a wedding and creating beautiful pieces of art, boudoir photography allows me to create completely different types of images for both men and women. There is nothing more amazing then to have the ability to capture an image of somebody, and have that impact and possibly even change their life. Sound a little far fetched? Read some of the testimonials and see for yourself!

And just in case you're wondering...Yes, I've done several of my own male boudoir shoots in the past and have been photographed by both men and women so I honestly can relate to most people's hesitations, fears and insecurities, and every other reason why somebody would not want to book a session or what you are thinking during your session.

Before I was a portrait photographer I was a wildland and volunteer firefighter/EMT for 7 years and I graduated college with a degree in graphic design. After my second son was born though I decided to leave firefighting for a full time career as a photographer so I could spend more time with my two boys and ensure I don't miss any of the little moments as they grow up so fast.

Hi my name is Katie and after graduating from college, I attended the world-renowned MakeUp Designory (MUD) in Burbank, California. Graduating at the top of my class, with my MUD certificate and airbrush certificate, I moved back to the greater Seattle area to be near family. Here I attended Euro Institute of Skin Care and graduated at the top of my class, as well, with a license in medical aesthetics. I love seeing a woman transform into her "sexy side." We all have one and we all want to feel sexy and I love to see that come out with confidence like a tigress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to book?

Most women like to book their boudoir shoot anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months ahead of time. That way they can plan their outfits and get ready for their shoot. That being said, some women want to come in as soon as possible for an anniversary gift or something similar.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

We do offer professional hair and makeup services that are done directly before your shoot. These services are an additional $149. If you are interested in having hair and makeup done we need to pre-arrange that at least 7 days before your shoot. For hair styling, blow outs are NOT included. Please arrive with clean, dry hair. This is something we will discuss when we book your shoot.

Do you photograph males and/or couples?

Absolutely! Boudoir isn't just for women. Boudoir is for everybody! My approach and style for how I photograph a man though, is different then how I photograph a woman. This is where the planning before the session comes in so that your photos turn out better then you'd ever imagine. Couples boudoir, again has a different approach to it that we can talk about over the phone. There is an additional $100 added onto the session fee as having a second person in all or most the photos adds to the retouching and editing a little bit after the shoot. And to crush any misconceptions out there you may have ever heard, a couples boudoir session does NOT involve any type of sexual activity. Sessions are photographed and conducted in the same manner as a regular boudoir session. However, the closeness and intimate settings and feelings you'll experience during your session may lead to things...later, not in the studio, on your own time haha!

What services, packages and products are available?

We do offer beautiful photo albums in different sizes as well as folio boxes, individual digital images, wall art and other specialty gift items for you to order a la carte after your shoot. There are samples of those items in the studio for you to view when you are here for your shoot.

I have stretch marks and/or cellulite. Are the photos that I’ll see photoshopped?

When you come into see all of your photos, everything you’ll see will be professionally retouched appropriately to emphasize your beauty and femininity but not change who you are. Being said that, you’d be surprised what great posing and lighting can do straight out of camera. During your session, I tend to show you the back of the camera so you can see in real time how amazing you look!

All the women I see on your site look like models…I’m definitely not a model.

All the women you see on our website are definitely not professional models LOL! Posing and lighting is an ART. The women you see are soccer moms, stay at home moms, teachers, lawyers, brides, etc. They are real women just like you who all had the same thoughts, nerves, insecurities, and hesitations you may be having as well. Lucky for you, that’s half my job is to make sure you feel completely comfortable before, during and after your photo shoot to ensure your experience is one you’ll never forget and want to do time and time again. During your boudoir session you’ll quickly find out that you’ll never be put on the spot. Part of my job as a professional boudoir photographer is to guide you from head to toe into the perfect looks and expressions to naturally make you look stunning.

My spouse or special somebody is in the military and overseas and I can’t send actual prints or an album?

We hear this a lot and have the perfect options that will allow you to send a private app to his phone with all of your favorite photos and even video if you choose! And if you want to book multiple sessions with us, and then have his app updated each time with all the new photos and video, you’ll be able to take advantage of our great repeat discounts and special gifts.

Do you give a discount for groups or do you ever do boudoir parties?

Yes and YES! If you have a group of women (say a bachelorette party perhaps) we’ll give a discount for each session fee and usually have your session in a spacious hotel suite, or even a beautiful Airbnb depending on how many are in your group? Everybody will have beautiful images for themselves, and plenty of fun group shots as well. All viewing sessions will be held separately though.

Are you going to put my photos up on social media?

We do have a basic portrait contract and model release we’ll have you sign where you can choose whether or not you will allow certain, any, or NO photos to be used in our marketing materials. Generally what we use for social marketing though you’ve probably already noticed how I crop the images so you can’t tell who it is and also remove any unique markings or tattoos to help conceal identity. Any images you see showing any faces, we have been given full permission to use and share.

Where will my photos be taken? Where do I get hair/makeup done?

Unless you specify something different, your boudoir photos will be done here at our studio located on Snoqualmie Ridge. That’s also where your hair and makeup will be done. So you will just come on in at your scheduled time and date and just relax, have fun, and enjoy the entire pampered experience while we create beautiful, sexy, classy images that you will be in LOVE with forever!!!

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept Cash, Check, or major Credit Cards. We can either take payment in person, over the phone, or send an email invoice to pay quickly and securely online.

This is something that I REALLY want to do but not sure if I can afford it?

We completely understand which is why we not only have options for different budgets, but also offer payment plans to make it as easy as possible to get whatever you want! Our payment plans will allow you to not only receive your album, files, or other products immediately, but also give you the option to pay for your images over the course of 3, 6, or 12 months.

Is a deposit required?

We do require a 50% retainer fee in order to secure your time slot in the studio, then the remainder is due one week before your shoot. The session fee is for artist time and talent only and all the work put in before and after your session to ensure an amazing experience. The session fee does not go towards any product after your shot.

What type of editing is included in the edited images I’ll see?

The type of editing you can expect to see in your photos include skin airbrushing to soften wrinkles and skin imperfections, blemish & bruise removal, brightening the eyes, whitening the teeth & cellulite smoothing along with subtle and natural body contouring. However, I strive to create images that are beautiful of you and your body without needing to change the shape of your body. But, if something is really bugging you, I do offer other advanced photoshop techniques for an hourly fee.




Tyler Austin || Amor Boudoir

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