Gods And Godesses of Mount Elympus By Aaron

Many people know about the greek gods and godesses. The elympion gods are Zues god of lightning, Hades god of the under world, and Posidon god of the sea. There are many more gods but these are the most known gods. The other gods are Hera, Apolo, Athena, Artamis, Aphrodite, Hermes, Ares, Hephaestus, Hestia, Demeter, and Dionysus. They all have their own specialties or power. Some allusions are the golden tutch, pandoras box, Madusas stare, and The twelve labers of Heraclese. The charactor traits that Athena has is jealasy, and ignerence. Poesidon is very powerful but not as powerful as his brother Zues. Apollo was a very important god in achent Greece. Ares is the god of war, and son of Zuez and Hera. Hera was the queen of gods and was merried to Zues. She was the daughter of 2 Titans Cronus and Rhea. Cronus thought one of them were going to rule where he ruled so he eat five of them! Later Zuez was born and Cronus wanted to eat him too! Instead of him eating Zues Cronus eat a rock wraped in a blanket. They gave Cronus a posion that made him throw up and everybody he eat got away from him and they defeated Cronus. Apollo had many powers. He is the god of the sun but ancient greece thought he was more than the god of the sun. They thought that Apollo was good at shooting arrows and he aften hunted with his sister Artemis. Apollo loved to play his lyre for many other people. Apollos son became the god of medisen and healing. Apollo had his own temple because people thought it was best to keep the gods happy. Apollo and his sister were close friends as well as siblings. Apollo defeated a giant snake with his sister the snakes name was Tityus. Apollo shot an arrow right through his neck and sent him to the under world to be punished. Aphrodite was the god of beautie and she was born without a mother or father. She was forced to merry Hephaestes because he traped Hera. But, Aphrodite was meeting up in secret with Ares god of war. They had four children. Two were named Phobos and Deimos gods of terror. They helped their father Ares on the battlefield a lot of times The youngest child was Eros The god of love and their daughter. These are some of the myths and there are many more.

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