Bloodhounds are a type of hound that are made for for hunting deer, wild boar, and ever since the middle age tracing people. According to CNN they can track killers.
Now that dogs are house pets they would make a very good one. There energy level is not high but not low earthier it is intermediate. They only require 20-40 minutes of exercise to keep them in shape.
Facts: Males grow to be 90-110 pounds Females are going to be 80-100 pounds. Males are going to be about 26 inches tall, and females are going to be 24 inches tall. There are is short, and there tendency to drool is high. They are black, tan, liver, and red. They live up to 11-15 years. Bloodhound puppies typical coast $700-1,000
They have long ears so that it hangs down lower and makes there body look longer then it actually is. Coonhounds also have this trait, so when they are following a trail there ears drag along the ground so that the dogs can track where they are going.
As I said before bloodhounds are used for tracking people Also According to CNN it is very helpful when trying to find a criminal. They did a segment on how they train the bloodhounds to find people. Here it is................. is where I got most of my information from. It is a great website providing with so much information about bloodhounds. It especially told me a lot about their physical characteristics for instance the paragraph about their ears were from this website. I found on there website and all of my "facts" paragraph website.


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