Band Director/composer Madison murphy

A band director can have many different types of jobs.It could be they they direct music at a church,at a school for band,or they can even direct an orchestra.But they all are alike because they do pretty much the same thing.They write music,make their students grow with their musician ship,and try to make their band sound as a whole.

Working enviorment

The working enviorment of a band director just depends on what type of director you are.You could be surrounded by religous organizations if you direct at a church,you could be surrounded by a huge auditorium if you work with an orchestra,you can be surrounded by kids and a school if you direct a school band,even if you work with a marching band your surrounded by anything outside.

becoming a band director/composer

Becoming a band director isn't an easy task, it's not something you can slide through in college. It takes serious dedication and focus.Colleges perfer that you have a masters degree in music theory,composition,and conducting,but that is just for teaching at a school .So if you wanted to direct an orchestra the work would be eve harder.


Sadly,for such a amazing job with teaching music everyday the pay isn't that good.The medium wage is $49,000 which isn't that much,but that's just for an ordinary band director position.If you worked with an orchestra or composed music for a living your pay could be as high as $80,820.

Job outlook

the percent that is expected to increase is 3%,for some reason its slower than usual.And the projected number of jobs for a and director/composer are 84,000 over the next 20 years.


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