Comic Book Time! Your Super Hero Debut


  • Photoshop
  • Book Creator App for iPad


  • Origin Story
  • Super Hero Image of yourself
  • 3-4 Page Comic Book including cover


Story Time: (50pts)

Every hero needs an origin. You will write an exciting or tragic origin story for your superhero alter ego. Your story should have a beginning, middle, and an end.

  1. The beginning will consist of 2 - 3 sentences for the exposition.
  2. The middle with have 3 - 5 sentences covering the conflict, rising action, and the climax.
  3. The end should wrap up with 2 - 3 sentences on the falling action and resolution.

By the end you should have a nice superhero origin story ready to be drawn into action. Don't forget to add dialogue and action.

  • When finished, name your story: origin_lastnameFirstname
  • Turn your story into Google Classroom.

Superhero You: (50pts)

Let's get creative. Grab a partner and strike your best superhero pose. Once you both have taken your photos, open Photoshop and turn yourself into a superhero. If you need a little help, you can follow the links below to a few tutorials.

  • 5 minute photo shoot.
  • Save a jpeg out of photoshop. NO PSD!!!
  • Name your superhero jpeg: superMe_lastnameFirstname
  • Turn in the photo you took and the Superhero You photo into Google Classroom.
Pose Reference

Comic Book Creation: (100pts)

Download the Book Creator app from self service. Once you have your origin story written and your superhero self, open the app and create 3 - 4 comic book pages to tell your fascinating tale. You will create a comic book cover page plus 2 - 3 story pages. Each story page will have at the least 3 panels on them. Work smart! Think about reusing photos by flipping them.

  • Give your book a smashing title.
  • Export as a PDF, side by side.
  • Turn in your Comic Book to Google Classroom.


Style Reference


Created with images by lisistent - "comics books superheroes" • istolethetv - "Hello Superman. Hello." • istolethetv - "titans 8" • Masked Builder - "Comic Page 2" • Marxchivist - "Batman #248" • Masked Builder - "Comic Page 1" • Marxchivist - "Superman #252"

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