Trek of a Lifetime! My travel blog about religious monuments and architecture By: Connor Wynne

Christian Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem

To begin my trip on Monday I visited arguably the most important site in Christianity, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. This church is important to Christians because it is said to be where Jesus was crucified. It is mostly made put of stone and features many buildings unlike the churches we have in the States. It also features a giant domed building in the middle of the square. this church was built over the supposed site of the hill where Jesus was crucified. All in all, this is one of the most breathtaking churches in all of the world.

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

On Wednesday of the same week, I visited the Wailing Wall, or Western Wall in Jerusalem. This is the most holy place a Jewish person can pray at. It has millions of visitors a year, and Jewish people are expected to visit it at least once in their lives. At some times, up to tens of thousands of people gather at the wall and pray together. It truly is a magnificent holy place for the Jewish religion. It ias also a testament to architecture though. It was built by Herod the Great as a retaining wall of the Temple Mount complex. In addition, it has massive gates that are over 25 feet tall.

The Kaaba, one of the most sacred places in the Islamic religion located in Saudi Arabia.

For my next stop, I landed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on Saturday and went to see The Kaaba the next day. The Kaaba is the holiest shrine in the religion of Islam. Muslims are required to make the trip to Mecca at least once in their life if they're able to, and they are meant to visit this site. This site is so holy to Islam, in fact, that it has had to be renovated to fit the increasing number of followers coming to see it. As for the Kaaba itself, it is said to be built by Ibrahim and his son Ismail built it as a sanctuary. When the muslims returned to Mecca, it became a focal point of worship to the religion. The Kaaba itself is a black box with a surrounding courtyard that, as stated before, has been renovated many times to accommodate the waves of people wishing to see it. It formed the city of Mecca around it almost, truly shifting the cultural landscape.

The birthplace of Buddha, Lumbini, in Nepal.

After a few days rest, I left Mecca on Tuesday and flew to Nepal. I then landed and started my hike to one of the most important places in the Buddhist religion, Lumbini. Lumbini is the supposed birthplace of Buddha, and is one of the four holy places of Buddhism. It is said to be a very calming place that you can take solace in. Overall, it is a very important holy site for Buddhists.

Kusinara, the place of Buddha's death located in Uttar Pradesh.

I then traveled to Kusinara, another one of the four holy places and the site of Buddha's death. I wanted to study the architecture, and I wasn't disappointed. It is a large white building with a domed roof that is surrounded by trees. It also has mosaics of Buddha and his disciples. It attracts people from all around the world with its architecture and due to it being a sacred site, changing the cultural landscape for better or worse.

The town of Ayodhya, the supposed site of the birth of the Hindu god Ram.

For my final stop, I visited the Hindu city Ayodhya on Tuesday. This city is a sacred site to hindus due to it being the supposed site of the birth of one of their gods named Ram. Many Hindus make the trek to the city as a part of a pilgrimage and this has highly influenced the surrounding towns and Cultural landscape. The city features breathtaking architecture that has been replicated in many places around the world as well as in surrounding towns and cities. This important Hindu city has influenced and shaped the local Cultural landscape as well as the global cultural landscape through its architecture and standing in Hinduism.

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