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PAPAS SL. Social Media Strategy Template

Overall Goals

The overall goals of this social media strategy, in relation to business growth and performance, are:

1. Gain new customers

2. Increase market share

3. Increase customer loyalty


The social media team will work to reach the first overall goal, by working to meet the following sub-goals:

1. Reach new audiences

2. Improve advertising techniques

We will work to reach the second overall goal, through these sub-goals:

1. Gain new customers

2. Increase sales

We will work to reach the third overall goal, [goal], through these sub-goals:

1. Improving our current services

2. Improve the way we advertise our product

Target Audiences

We will aim to target the following primary audiences:


This strategy’s tactics are largely built on distributing and promoting posts and content on specific channels. The tactics are as follows:



We can identify opportunities for engagement, earning followers and potentially converting prospects, by continuously monitoring the following terms on our social platforms of choice:


Ads and Boosted Posts:


Analytics and Management Tools:


New Position(s):


Total for ads, tools and new roles:

Ongoing Performance Analysis

1. What’s working and in what sense?

We are offering a service that is quite distinct compared to that of our competitors. Our service allows users an easy to use interface which is crucial for beginners to start making music.

2. What’s not working and why isn’t it?

Our main problem is developing our products. We encountered many difficulties in finding the right personelle in order to achieve our desired product, furthermore we have had some initial problems in finding the right investors, who were willing to invest in the marketing we designed for our company.

3. How will we amplify and do more of what’s working?

We are trying to increase our advertising capacity and have had many meetings with new investors. Our main goal is to launch a new version of our functioning products on a yearly basis.

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