Bad Kitty A True Story

Lolly is a tiny chair. She tries hard to keep a good attitude about things.

She has two best friends: Dot, who is a little girl doll, and Henry, who is a tiny orphaned broom.

They discuss Difficult and Important Topics of the Day, usually in the Living Room of Corridor Hall, which is where they live.

Corridor Hall from the Outside
Corridor Hall from the Inside

It is a nice place, full of Friends and Family.



Louella and Jim and Kevin

Como and Jedidiah



BeBe and Janeanne

Steve the Alien and Kevin

Beth, Tom and Lafayette

The Twins, Little Dilly, and Kevin

Cloth Baby and Peabody, Jameson, and Barnes

That Cloth Baby is such a scamp!

Uncle Bobo and Aunt Claire and Kevin

Kevin likes to get in all the photos

Maddie with The Gang

The Duchess and Barkis (don't tell the Duke)

Oh, Kevin you rascal

Toomi and Jan

Elevan and Little Toby


Most of the time, they have fun.

Today’s Difficult and Important Topic is Love.

Dot says, "Love is all we have at Corridor Hall. We are at the Mercy of our Fate. We do not know what will become of us."

Henry says, "Dot, I love you because you rescued me from the dark corner of the Playroom. I love everyone at Corridor Hall because you love them."

Lolly says, "Dot, you and Henry are my best friends. I want to say that I love you but I think I don't know what it means."

"What does Love feel like? How do I know I have it? I want to be near you, I imagine that if you were not here I would miss you and be sad. Is that Love?"

Dot says, "Yes Lolly. That is Love. That is how I feel about you and Henry."

Lolly says, "But what is the feeling of being loved? I am a tiny chair in a dollhouse. Sometimes it is dark and cold and silent. I feel alone, even though you and Henry are right there. It doesn't matter if a tiny chair feels love or loneliness."

Henry says, "If it doesn't matter, then why not feel love?"

Dot says, "Henry is right. Why not?"

Lolly is sitting at the edge of Corridor Hall thinking about Love.

She looks out into the Play Room where bits of dust dance in the sunshine.

She thinks about the day Elevan, the know-it-all wing chair who sits next to her in the Living Room, told her she should be proud of her delicate turned legs and curved back. He said she was a Windsor Chair and her ancestors supported the Founding Fathers of the United States.

Many lovely 18th Century Windsor Chairs voting for independence at the Second Continental Congress

Did he tell her that out of Love? Does she feel Love for Elevan because he said that? Or because they have been sitting together in the Living Room for as long as she can remember?

As she mulls over Dot's and Henry's and Elevan's words, Lolly's gaze wanders down to the floor of the Play Room.

What is this Monster?

Where did it come from?

It's huge!

She starts to turn toward the house and call for Dot and Henry.

Just as she's turning, the Monster reaches up and knocks her down!

As she falls, she wonders if she will break. Then all the questions she has about Love won't matter any more.

Lolly lands on the floor on her back but she doesn't break.

Everyone in Corridor Hall is looking down at her. What can they do? They are all so tiny and the Monster is so big.

Around and around

and around the room

goes Lolly

as the Monster plays with her

It's terrifying!

Finally, it gets distracted by its tail. Lolly sneaks under the orange rug.

After a few moments, Lolly cautiously peeks out.

What does she see? Dot and all the others climbing down the leg of the table! For her!

Dot is in the lead with faithful Henry. Even the little ones are with her. Even Elevan.

Just as Lolly is thinking that she is saved, the Monster noses under the orange rug to find her. It seems to be tired from throwing her around. It grabs her in its paws and lies down to take a nap. She is completely trapped.

Its fur is very soft. But it is still dangerous. Lolly can't move. It will wake up eventually.

She sees Henry over the Monster's paw. Then Dot. They look fierce.

Dot and Henry are going to pry Lolly free!

Lolly can see dolls and furniture behind Dot, ready to pull her away from the Monster. It seems to be sound asleep.

Lolly has never been so frightened. Still, her spirit is raised by seeing everyone risking their lives for her. Only a few minutes ago, she would not have imagined it possible.

This might work! The monster shifts in its sleep. Henry is under Lolly's right arm. Suddenly she pops free!

Everyone surrounds Lolly and helps her across the floor. She hadn't realized how close they are to Corridor Hall.

Dot and Henry are still near the Monster, keeping watch.

Everyone is very tense. Have they succeeded? Is Lolly saved or are they all doomed?

With a strange little squeak, the Monster wakes up and jumps to its feet. Dot and Henry are right there!

Lolly looks around and suddenly everyone around her has disappeared! They are all skittering up the table leg faster than she ever thought they could. She feels abandoned. She is worried about Dot and Henry.

There are Dot and Henry, so tiny, staring down a giant Monster. It is about to sniff them when Dot boops it on the nose with Henry. The Monster is momentarily stunned.

Dot and Henry are by Lolly's side in an instant. With not a moment to spare, they turn to the table leg. Everyone is leaning over the edge holding a rope they have lowered.

Dot, Lolly, and Henry jump for it. The dolls start hoisting them up as fast as they can pull.

The Monster wheels around. It sees the swinging rope.

Have they escaped its grasp on the floor only to be caught now, in midair? Everyone hears a tiny scratching sound. The Monster is distracted. Where is that sound coming from? They look down.

It is Little Toby, the footstool!

He has stayed behind. Courage has appeared where it might have been least expected.

Time seems to stop. It is only a few seconds, then Lolly, Dot and Henry are back at Corridor Hall, surrounded by their family.

"Brave Toby!" says Dot, "You have saved us!"

"You have scared away the Monster!"

"I am coming to help you back up! You are a Hero!"

"Thank you, Everyone! You have shown me what Love feels like to give and to receive. I love you all very much!" says Lolly.

"We love you too" says Everyone.

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