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  1. Intro to the Rascal Training Center and how DAs can use it for Administration
  2. How DAs can get Access to the Rascal Training Center
  3. Intro to the Training Finder
  4. How DAs can Assign Trainings
  5. Intro to the Rascal My Training To-Do List
  6. How DAs can Run Training Reports
  7. Rascal Modules to which DAs can have Access

The Rascal Training Center and the Training Finder offer tools to help Department Administrators (DAs) ensure that members of their departments take required trainings. This training will walk through 6 key functions, from DA access to the Training Center to pertinent Rascal reports and modules, that will enable DAs to assign and track completion of trainings relevant to members of their departments.

First, familiarize yourself with the Rascal home page

What is the Rascal Training Center?

This is the Rascal Training Center. The focus of this presentation is on DAs' administrative functions in the Rascal Training Center: in addition to taking trainings, DAs can generate departmental reports, assign courses (including batch-assigning), and create courses (including creating course suites). PLEASE NOTE: the screenshots included in this presentation represent total access to all of Rascal's capabilities; however, DAs might have widely varying levels of access, depending on what their respective Chairs or Deans have requested for them to have.

How can DAs get access to administrative functions in the Rascal Training Center?

To get DA authorization for each Rascal module, a DA's departmental Chair or Dean must send a request to Rascal. The first way to do this is to submit an online request: On the Rascal home page, Chair/Dean should click on "Administration" in the left-hand tool bar. Next, Chair/Dean will be prompted to log in with UNI and will then be directed to the Administration page, pictured here. Chair/Dean should click on "Authorization Requests for Rascal Departmental Reports" and submit a request. Up to three DAs can be included on each online form.

The second way to request DA access: Chair/Dean can email rascal@columbia.edu a request that includes the DA's name, UNI, and the same information as required in the authorization request form (see above). There is no limit to the number of DA-access requests per email.

How can DAs determine which trainings to assign to department members?

Log in with your UNI to https://research.columbia.edu/content/training-finder. Then, select the category that best describes your department member's role. You will be led to answer other questions and, after you've answered them, the Training Finder will list trainings that may be required, as well as suggested trainings. These trainings can be added to your department member's My Training To-Do List.

How can DAs assign courses in the Rascal Training Center to members of their department(s)?

DAs can assign courses to anyone in their respective departments, including those who have not yet logged on to Rascal and created a Rascal profile. DAs must first select a department. PLEASE NOTE: all slides pertaining to course assignment show what the Assistant Director for Research Compliance Education can see. DAs' access will correspond to their respective departments.
After selecting the department, a DA will then select department members to whom to assign courses. DAs can assign courses to anyone in their department(s), including those who have not yet logged on to Rascal and created a Rascal profile.
Next, the DA will select courses to assign. The DA can assign individual courses or entire course suites, if available.

DAs can also Batch Upload Assign Courses for up to 500 UNIs at a time. Click on "Batch Upload Assign Courses" in the Training Center (see below).

Then, download a copy of the CSV file (see right) to input the UNIs and Rascal Course number(s). Finally, upload the completed CSV file. The assigned course(s) will appear in individuals' My Training To-Do Lists in Rascal.

How can individuals use their My Training To-Do Lists in Rascal?

Assigned courses will then appear in the department member's My Training To-Do List, which will make the courses easy to find and take. Once a DA assigns a course to a department member, the course will remain on the department member's My Training To-Do List until the course is complete or the DA removes it.

How can DAs find out who in their department(s) has completed Rascal trainings?

Using the Training Center Report by Department, DAs can view a list of all courses taken by users within the department(s) chosen. Courses can be filtered by Course Category.

How can DAs find out who in their department(s) has completed a particular training in Rascal?

Using the General Report by Test, DAs can view who in their department(s) has completed a specific training in a selected date range.

How can DAs find out who in their department(s) has been assigned, but has not completed, Rascal trainings?

DAs can run a report by department to see a list of users who have been assigned courses but have not fulfilled those requirements.

Which other Rascal modules offer administrative tools for DAs?

Click on one of the windows above to view a larger version and navigate through the windows using the right and left arrows on your keyboard. Click outside the white box when ready to continue in the presentation.


Questions? Please contact the Office of Research Compliance and Training at RCtraining@columbia.edu.

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