Divergent Factions

Dauntless is the faction that believes in bravery. They wear all black clothes and do more daring things then the other factions.

Abnegation is the faction that believes in selflessness. They all where gray clothes every say and they are a plain faction.

Candor is the faction that believes in honesty. They always tell the truth no matter what. Also they wear all white.

Erudite is the faction that thrives for knowledge. They all where blue clothes and learn has much as possible and will let you know when you are wrong.

Amity is the faction that believes in all ways telling the truth. They wear all read and yellow clothes and try to solves problems being peaceful.


Created with images by Alex-V - "knife blade steel arms" • andrewtoskin - "Swiss Army gray wool blend trousers" • lizmcdaniel - "truth" • Ciro Ip - "Blue" • Kenzitron - "Peace."

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