Project 3 Fab-You-lous Design

My name is Adrian Villegas-Perez, and I am a student at CART. For my project 3, I had to conduct research to learn more about specific areas of fabrication and manufacturing. I applied this Knowledge by designing and fabricating my own parts. After that I review specific guidelines for Designing for Manufacturing for each of the areas covered.


one day at home I was watching youtube videos, and I came across this one video from Unboxtherapy where Lewis reviewed a product called a fidget spinner. And I notice that everyone is creating fidget spinner from 3DP. Therefore I decided to make on out of wood.


for my fidget spinner I had to use two blocks of woods. If I use a single piece of wood only top of view of the CAD would be printed and not the bottom piece.

I then used the vertical band saw to carefully remove unnecessary parts from my spinner. After that I shave it down to remove extra wood that was attach to the spinner. Once that was done I placed the 3 bearings on piece of the spinner and attached the second piece of the spinner. I glued it together and it was finished.

It's a Gear thing

For 3DP, I went to google to check images of 3D printed objects, and I came across with this gear looking thing.

My drawing contains a 3 inch by 1 inch height gear that faced inward, 3 gears that were about a inch in diameter, and a gear attachment. The function of this object when assembled is three gears are placed on the gear attachment. The gear attachment allows each gear to move freely, then this placed inside of the bigger gear. This larger gear's purpose to stay in place, while using your hand to rotate the gear attachment, which force the other gears to rotate at the opposite direction.

The last art

For the laser cutter, I’ve selected a piece of art of mine that I have done last year. It is called the last art because it is latest drawing I’ve done. So, I draw a piece of wood that is 6in by 4 inches and ⅕ inches thick and stable my art work.

All I had to do is to upload my file to adobe illustrator and hit print. I notice that the engraving was not that visible, so Mr. Dunn just hit print twice and this time the engraving was visible.

Original art

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