Term 2 In Review BY: DANA AND GHADA

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Google Sheets

Module Eight: Getting started with Google Sheets

Google sheets is an online web application that can be used as an alternative to Microsoft Excel. It allows you to create and edit spreadsheets, with it's easy to use interface. Google Sheets can be used for very complex spreadsheets, but it can also be used for people's day-to-day tasks. From creating a budget to managing a party Google Sheets is your go-to spreadsheet creator for all your spreadsheet needs.

Google Sheets Interface
  • Simply log into your Google Drive and click on the "New' button.
  • Once you've done that, select the Google Sheets icon form the options.
  • Google sheets will then open in a separate browser.
  • From there on you will be able to customize your very own spreadsheet.
  • Each cell contains, whatever content you wish to put in it and cells can be modified to your desire.
  • To further explain the tools used in Google Sheets, please enjoy this video.

Internet Safety

Basics of Internet Safety

Introduction to Internet Safety

The internet is an intimidating world for a person to enter. Without putting up boundaries and limiting yourself, you could be thrown into an overwhelming situation. Just like you protect yourself in real life and follow certain rules to keep yourself safe, the same goes for the cyber world. Internet safety is important for every individual to practice. To highlight it's importance we have learned about different types of threats on the internet this term.

Staying SMART on the internet

The two main threats we learned about are spam and phishing. Spam refers to any unwanted emails that appear in your inbox, or simply known as junk mail. To avoid spam, email services have provided tools that help diminish spam from entering your inbox. Most email services have spam folders, which contain any emails that have automatically been deemed as spam in them. Occasionally the spam doesn't filter into the spam folder immediately, which means you will have to report the spam email on your own by clicking on the "Report Spam" button. Another way to avoid spam is to turn off images in emails by going to the settings, then "images" and then click on "ask before showing image" and save your changes. The second internet threat is phishing. Phishing occurs when a message you receive deceives you by pretending to be a certain company in need of your private information and use that information for their personal gain. Phishing scams come in the form of email addresses that look similar to the original company at first look, but are slightly altered when payed attention to. They also copy logo's, but are not authentic. A dead giveaway is the urgent subject line that makes you believe the topic is important. Be wary of these internet threats and remember to always stay safe.

Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup Logo

Push up/Pull down tool / Navigating

Things we learned in google sketchup is the push up/down tools and navigating. The tools help us do the basics to build a house on Google Sketchup.

  • Push up/down tool

On the top there will be a list of toolbars. Click on one of the rectangle shape and draw it out. Your shape will look 2D. To make it 3D you are going to need to use the Push up/Pull down tool, click on the shape that you choose and push it upwards to create a 3D shape.

  • The navigating tools

The orbit tool: Is used the most when moving around in your models

The pan tool (looks like a hand): This tool is used to move your camera viewpoint vertically and horizontally.

The zoom tool: The tool is used to zoom in and out

The zoom extent tool: It zooms your view out so that you can see every


Using the pencil, move, eraser and follow-me tools.

In the middle of the second term we learned about the google sketchup tools to make the house more detailed.

Once your house is a 3D shape, create a lining for the roof of your house with the pencil tool. Next step is to use the move tool to move your roof straight up along the blue axis. Then Using the pencil tool, push up/down and eraser tools to draw a chimney for your house. To add a border around the bottom of the house use the follow me tool. Lastly use the rectangle tool to draw windows for your house.

Using the pencil, move, eraser and follow-me tools

The pencil tool : Use the Line tool to draw lines (also called line entities) or draw edges from point to point.

The eraser tool : To erase any errors or anything you want

The move tool : Use the move tool to move your roof straight up along the blue axis.

The follow me tool : Is used when leading a face along a path to make it a 3D shape.


Drafting does the same thing as google sketchup, except it’s on paper. Its shows us how to make 3D buildings with measurements and looking at different perspectives of buildings.

We’re going to show you how to draw a building with the dimensions 5cm ,5cm,7cm below the horizon line to give a perspective that shows the top of the building.

First draw a horizon line and put two dots on the edges of the paper. These dots are going to be your vanishing points. Draw a 7 cm vertical line for height below the horizon line. Then draw two orthogonal lines on the edges of the height to the 2 points to connect them. After draw two vertical lines that has 5m length and width. Connect the top corners of the two vertical lines to opposite points. Lastly erase the extra lines around the building. You can draw buildings on the horizon line and above the horizon line too, to give you different perspectives..

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