Florida Museum of Natural History Kuber Bhardwaj

Nature on Display

Walking around the Florida Museum of Natural History has to be one of the most interesting things that I have done since I came here last semester. I had no idea that there were so many exciting exhibits so close to where I had been staying. While I was walking around the museum, I saw a really interesting exhibit, a huge case filled with butterflies. I had heard about these types of exhibits, where the scientists freeze the bugs and put them on display to show off all the different types of species and the diversity they have, but I had yet to ever see one in person. Looking at it in person is a pretty unique experience because there is an insane number of different colors, shapes, and sizes of butterflies that are all on display together. The whole display just looked gorgeous and you have to see it in person to truly get a feel for how diverse and unique each type of butterfly is. This was right before walking into the butterfly garden, where we were able to walk around in a large space that was just filled with dozens of butterflies. The display beforehand really added to the whole experience in general.

Some of the butterflies on display at the museum

Nature and Ethics

One exhibit that I felt really encompassed the way humans could live in peace with the land was near the back of the museum and showed the way humans in the past were able to live in nature while also treating it with the respect it deserved. There was a life size display of how a house would have looked and where it was located. Next to that there was an overview of a village and how they were able to effectively utilize nature by reusing resources, farming efficiently, and fishing. It was really interesting to see how much respect they had for the land compared to where we are at nowadays. It seems like people are forgetting to give respect to the land that we reside on. I feel like this exhibit was a pretty big eye opener for a lot of people because a lot of people were stopping there to look at it and they seemed genuinely intrigued. It was really nice to see how much respect people used to have for the land and hopefully in the future, we can go back to a time like that. It is becoming increasingly difficult, especially with the way the world is progressing, due to newer technologies and politics. I am really glad that I was able to see that exhibit because I seriously feel as though that exhibit was able to not only open my eyes up but also that of those around me who saw it as well.

Life size display

Nature and the Human Spirit

The word nature encompasses our entire world, which means that there is still a large amount of it that we have yet to discover yet. It gives the Earth a very mysterious feel since we have no idea about some of the creatures and life that could be out there. One part of the museum that really emphasized the mystery of nature was the portion that focused on what life was like millions of years ago and the types of creatures that could be found back then. They types of creatures they had on display were like nothing that I had seen before, some looked really cool while others looked really creepy and strange. It was hard to believe that there were animals and sea creatures that looked like that in our world in that past. I know a lot of the Earth has yet to be discovered which makes me curious as to whether there are creatures that go beyond our imaginations out there. I feel like this part of the museum really helped me to better understand how small I am in this huge world of ours and the diversity that we can find on our planet. Not only this but it will be really interesting to see what else we discover within my lifetime and how people react to it.

Some creepy looking creatures from millions of years ago

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