Town of Chase Chase is a rural community that is always growing. It has wide open spaces, residential homes, BUSINESSES, schools, and farms

Issue: The issue I selected is the Pulaski Fire Department. They are discussing whether or not to buy a new fire truck for the Pulaski Fire deparment. They are debating if the new fire truck will be worth the cost or not. The council only has two options: buy a new fire truck or buy a used one. Decision: The counsil has voted no for buying the new fire truck. They believe that the cost is too great and that a used fire truck will still work the same. My Decision: I agree with their decision for the same reasons. A used, less expensive fire truck, will still work just as fine as a new one. If I was a part of the meeting, I would do the same things because it costs less and it should still do the same job. However, I would have liked to see more information about the issue to see what the actual cost would have been. They did not provide information on how much the fire truck cost. Nevertheless, with what I know, I would still say no to the new fire truck.

The Town Hall can be found at 8481 County Road S, Pulaski, WI 54162

The Stone Barn

The Barn can be used for meeting as well as weddings, party's, etc.

Map of the Town of Chase

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