Jupiter has 67 Known moons

The largest four moons of jupiter are Europa, Ganymede, Io, and Callisto founded by Galileo Galilei

Ganymede is larger than the planet mercury itself

They have found lifeforms on Europa

This is a life form that they have found on Europa, but they don't have enough evidence to support this theory.

Europa's surface is mainly ice water even though water is rare in space, besides earth

Io is the most volcanic body in all of space

Io has "tides" on it's solid surface that rise up to 100 meters

Jupiter's moons are asteroids that got sucked into Jupiter's orbit and magnetic field

The moons stay in orbit because of 2 forces. One is pulling in and one is pulling out. If one was gone, then jupiter wouldn't have any moons

Jupiter's moons are split into 3 different groups: Amalthea, the moons closest to Jupiter, Galilean moons, the 4 largest moons, and the outer moons, the moons with irregular satellites

More than 50 moons of Jupiter are 6.2 miles in circumference

Jupiter has______known moons?

Witch moon has lifeforms on it?

What is the most volcanic object in space?

Who discovered Jupiter's four biggest moons?

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