Gordon Parks By Katlyn Dzwilewski

Gordon Parks was born November 30, 1912 in Fort Scott, Kansas. Gordon was born into poverty, but that did not hold him back. He was a hard worker and saved up enough money to buy himself a camera from a pawnshop. He quickly taught himself how to work it then started photographing for the Farm Security Administration and Life Magazine. This photo was apart of Gordon's first exhibitions for Life Magazine, "Harlem Gang Leader."

Most of Gordon's photos express a contrast between dark and light. He took most of his photos in the slums of America's cities. He has traveled to Europe to photograph fashion and people around the city. He went to Brazil as well to photograph the people living in poverty.

Parks wanted to make a difference in the world through photography. He took pictures of poverty and segregation. The Civil Rights Movement influenced his work.

Gordon Parks is so important in the history of photojournalism, because he addressed the issues that people took to lightly back then. He photographs in a way that makes people want to help change the world.

In this photo Parks keeps the background simple to attract the eye to Muhammad Ali. He frames it to show more of the emotion of his face. He uses the space well by adding just the right amounts of negative space. The light and dark contrast quite well in this photo. The center of interest is Ali, what really captures my interest is the emotion and detail that he captured on his face. The emotion that this photograph captures shows how bad Muhammad wants it and how he will keep striving to be better. What I like best about this photo is the use of the lights and dark and the details.

I love Gordon Park's work. I think his images say a lot without saying anything. That is an important skill to have to be a photojournalist. Park's photos definitely impacted anyone that has seen them. I want to try to use contrasts of black and white light in my photos as he does.

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