Recovering TIme

Ready for Surgery, scared? I was a little bit but my confidence is in Jesus
Nothing like I expected but Dr. V was very nice . The Surgery was a success ☺ Praise The Lord

There was only one inconvenience ☹️My body didn't respond well after the extraction 😣 More days at the Hospital under observation 😳

Thanks for all your prayers πŸ™

Time to go Home!!! I am getting better!!!

One little problem 😣 the car ride was painful

Finally home!!! It is time for recovering β€πŸ™

Oh No, I forgot about the stairs 😳

Well, Dr said no stairs, I think just once is fine

Here, exhausted 😩, but I am Home. Trying to walk a little bit more.

It has been a week after the surgery and all my nights haven't been good. I can't turn on my side, it is painful πŸ˜– I am tired of my bed 😩

No way, no more bed, I am going down stairs πŸ‘

That was a really bad bad idea 😭😭😭 My chest is burning and the pain is awful πŸ˜–

Q: how I am going upstairs again?

The best of this time is my private nurse πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ my lovely husband❀ He is taking care of me day and night

Diet and more diet. It doesn't help with the pain

I am going to miss you fried foodπŸ˜ͺ it is time to eat healthy 😊

My weakness!!! Spicy food I am going to miss you too, I am already 😭

It's been 12 days. Jesus is my strength and my shelter, I am just putting my confidence in Him❀

Walking a little bit more, trying my hardest


! I miss going to CHURCH so badly😭😭😭

Defeating Giants!! I am not willing to lose πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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Diana Corredor

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