A student from School of Communication, born in Japan. I am taking PR & Event Management. I like listening to Rap, 90s and 00s Rock, eating IEKEI Ramen and drinking tomato juice. I expect this module to gain enough new skills not to be called uncle Ryuji haha. In the future or on going, I just want to tick my wish list as I can till I die. It has been almost 1 year since coming Malaysia and I am really enjoying so far, especially eating Kang-Kung.


Brief Introduction

The concept of our video is to try wasabi and sambal with other food combinations. For example, we will combine wasabi with fried chicken and sambal with sushi. It may sound strange, but we promise you it will be interesting! Stay tuned xoxo

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The Video

An intercultural experience to you :)

Exercise 1: Stop Motion

Video Gaming(Stop Motion)

The Avatar was practicing his moves when suddenly, an enemy came to attack! Due to the obvious difference in strength, the enemy was easily defeated and the Avatar leveled up. However, after his upgrade, he was faced with a new adversary - The Fruits - and he quickly lost due to his arrogance. Fortunately, a cool ninja arrived to help and sliced all the fruits! He leveled up and consequently earned the title Fruit Ninja. At the next level, the Fruit Ninja was up against The Finger in a hockey game. All was going well until the ninja lost his patience and threw the hockey ball towards The Finger, thus ending the game.

What we did was a work ? or just an enjoyable play ? :)

Exercise 2: Viral Content

Can be too viral to the world...

Exercise 3: Infographics

Which One Do You Think You Are ?

Something like this can be happened in your surroundings. Save your friends!


Cucumber is vegetable which I hate the worst. I just thought I might be able to love it if I put my love to it. For checking the outcome, please come and see me.

The Secret Life of Cucumber(Chat Sticker)

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Cucumber was exhausted but he is happy now because pickles got given from the sky as holy gift.


Cucumber was sleeping and swinging. He couldn't resist centrifugal force.


Cucumber is harvesting with scissor under the sun. To live, sometimes we are forced to do what we would not like to do with a smile.


Cucumber suddenly got sliced...before he was pickled...


One day cucumber met a female jar that literally has a clear face and fell in love. However, his last was same as male mantises do...


Cucumber heard someone said "I hate cucumber". He was mad like a hot rod car. Hey dude, control your emotion not to be red. Anger sometimes has trouble surroundings.

Exercise 4: Mobile App

net-A-designer is a whole new style of fashion e-commerce. We provide you unseen shopping experience. The biggest difference between us and others is that we suggest new styles reflecting on celebrities private styles. In addition, globally shipping and multi-lingual customer service assist your unforgettable shopping experience with net-A-designer.

Description: The main purpose of this app is to provide convenience for people who:

a) want to know trends from celebrity's outfits

b) want secured shopping processes

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Feature 2, A-Z Designers
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Feature 4, Shop
Feature 4, Shop
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Feature 5, SALE
Feature 6, 24/7 Customer Care

Thank YOU !!


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