The Harn Museum Visit By: Dara oyewole

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the artists: These pieces were done by Cundo Bermudez. What first caught my eye when I saw these was the vibrant colors mixed in with some more mellow colors. The abstract and rigid nature of his work made feel excitement and enthusiasm. Seeing this artwork in person and reading the information on the artist definitely helped me gain a better understanding of the artwork and style in general. I thought it was really interesting that Bermudez was representing his birth country through the vivid colors in his pieces. The vivid colors and abstractness are common threads throughout many of his paintings.
Design of the Museum: This Korean Art exhibit was particularly appealing to me mainly because of the use of the garden scene outside. Walking into the room, I felt like I was in a different place all together, a place that wasn't in a museum. The openness of the space and the wood flooring all helped contribute to the overall peaceful vibe that I got from the room. Another factor that contributed to my enjoyment of this exhibit was the fact that natural light that came from outside was the only form of light. Overall the placement of the art could be described as random because they were just placed around the room in no particular semblance of order. The vases were outside of the room but still apart of the exhibit and I liked the way there was almost no specific trend I could figure out to how they were placed. There was an overall feeling of organized chaos that caught my attention as soon as I saw it.
Art and Core Values: I chose this image of Frida Khalo for this category because of her legacy as a feminist. Although I do not label myself as a feminist, I find that many of my core values and beliefs line up with that of many feminists. Frida was famous for painting her real life experiences and showing the struggles of women globally. Her decisions to not paint the unrealistic beauty of women and instead choosing to be real with her artwork was and is and inspiration to many, including me. Seeing some of Frida's artwork made me appreciative of women everywhere and the things we go through. Like this picture and many of her other self portraits, Frida always kept a confident and defiant facial expression to show how she kept her head up even through all of the difficulties she experienced in her life. Through this, Frida's paintings help me to cherish my confidence as one of my core values.
Art and the Good Life: I feel as if this picture accurately depicts the Good Life. This picture makes me think of sitting down to celebrate and fellowship after a longs days work. The other three pictures in the quartet show people completing different physical tasks. The fourth painting conveys the Good Life to me because these people are able to find time to come together and be content even though they have been work very hard all day. The idea of being able to find happiness in the small things in life is something that I think is a huge part of the Good Life.

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