Land vs. L'anse Crease Public School Board 2010 Mich app lexis 999

Today's Objectives:

  1. Students will be able to explain why parts of the Fourteenth Amendment apply to this topic.
  2. Students will be able to identify legal reasons for dismissal based on out of school conduct.
  3. Students will be able to assess a variety of situations involving teachers’ out of school conduct and make distinctions between them.

Hi! I'm Anna Land and I teach at L'anse Crease middle school in Michigan! I am a tenure teacher and I love my job and students! My school community has always respected me until very recently because of something from my past. Let me explain what happened.

Right now it is 2010, but I want to take you back to the summer of 2005. That year one of my friends was getting married and she wanted to have her Bachelorette party at the Jobbie Nooner. The Jobbie Nooner is this HUGE boat party and it is so fun! We had a great time. We tried to follow the moto: "what happens at Jobbie Nooner, stays at Jobbie Nooner." Unfortunately, not all of my friends followed this rule.

Let's now fast forward: 2 years passed since that awesome vacation and I'm still teaching at L'anse. I thought that crazy time was in my past until BAM! Students had found a photo of me in a sexual position on top of a male mannequin that I did not even know existed! The students started circulating this photo around school before it came to anyone's attention.....

Finally, some teachers found out and brought the photo to my attention. I had never seen the picture before and had not given permission to my friends to take it. I asked my friend to take the picture down and she finally did, but students, parents, and teachers still knew about it. The gossip had spread around the school and community.

L’anse school decided to suspend me because of the picture circulating. I think this is very unfair and I am going to try and get my job back. Do you think I should have been fired for my out of school conduct?


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