How natural selection affects single-gene and polygenic traits within populations Animal, plants, and microbes

In birds when they have a smaller beam like in finches they will be adapted to getting smaller food.

In birds finches with large beaks they will be adapted to eating large food.

If an animal is short then they won't be able to get food that's high up

If an animal is really tall they won't be able to get food that's low on the ground

If a lizard is cold blooded and black and decides to go into the sun light to warm up it will become fast if a predator comes compared to a lizard that didn't go into the sun and warm up

If a flower is taller they will get more sunlight

If a flower is short it won't get as much sunlight and die

A fly trap changes its mouth to get more food

A cactus protects itself from predators with its spikes

A daisy lives longer because bees pollinate them

Flu, bacteria, and viruses are know to change in order to spread more efficiently


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