It All Began in a Garden The Bellagio - Las Vegas NV

I have a strange relationship with Las Vegas. I never thought I would like the place and had no desire to go there. Until there was a conference I wanted to attend. Now, several conferences later and a couple non-conference visits, the place has kind of grown on me.

Turns out I enjoy blackjack but I don't like the machines banging and clanging enticing you to play. I enjoy some of the entertainment, the weather, and the surrounding desert but mostly I enjoy the ever changing floral display at the Bellagio casino. Now whenever I visit Las Vegas I will visit their display and wait around for the fountain show.

There is always a theme - like this one "Under the Sea"
They must use thousands of flowers in their displays, and water - there is always a water element.
Spring is always a lovely time to visit the floral display.
Famous artists and their works are paid tribute to in living floral.
rows upon rows of hyacinth
delphiniums and poppies by the score
& tulips, thousands of tulips
It really is a wonderland of all things floral. I can't help but wonder at the cost, but it's Vegas, it's bigger than life.
What creative minds put together these beautiful displays.
You should plan a visit after dark as well for a whole new look.
Plan a visit in the Fall as well and maybe you will meet this fellow.
Until we can all travel again stay safe and healthy...
Created By
Cathy Bennington


C.J. Bennington Fine Art Photography