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October 2021 Charger School News

Social and Emotional Learning Spotlight:

CFES explores and teaches concepts to help our students develop strong character. The Core Essentials program infuses the social-emotional learning competencies with each of our monthly values.

This month's trait focuses on Individuality - discovering who you are meant to be. Perhaps you enjoy trying a new hobby, new fashion style, or exploring new ways to show who you are meant to be. Try to think about opportunities to model and practice the trait of showing your individuality! We will be on the lookout this month for students showing Individuality.

☑ SEL Competencies addressed throughout the year: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision-Making

☑ Big Idea Values addressed throughout the year: Wisdom, Initiative, Individuality, Contentment, Service, Self-Control, Compassion, Cooperation, Hope, Perseverance

Students in the Core Essential Spotlight for September

Initiative - seeing what needs to be done and doing it!


  • Jude S. takes the initiative to make friends with everyone. Jude is able to notice who needs someone to play with and takes the initiative to ask, or he is willing to accept an invitation to play from anyone.
  • Aidan B. takes the initiative to help with the playground equipment each day. He is often seen pushing the ball bucket and carrying multiple hula-hoops. After he puts the equipment away he will get sanitizer for the class to use.

First Grade

  • Emily S. took the initiative to spread kindness by creating cards for the whole class, which inspired others in the class to do the same.
  • Abner A.-B. created an awesome video to help students learn about Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • Mady F. takes initiative to help keep our classroom clean.
  • Connor S. takes initiative to help his classmates when they need it.

Second Grade

  • Luke B. takes the initiative to help his classmates with anything and everything whenever he sees a need.
  • Lilly F. takes the initiative to make sure all of our classroom jobs are being taken care of daily.
  • Sean R. takes the initiative to help his classmates with any chrome book issues.
  • Mia Z. takes the initiative to make sure the classroom is clean and organized at the end of each day.
  • Jules A. exhibits initiative on a daily basis. She often offers other classmates help without being asked. She is a leader in getting things done.
  • William C. takes initiative by coming into the classroom each day and doing the right thing. He sits down and gets his morning work completed without any prompting.

Third grade

  • Kaylie L. takes initiative each morning by checking for messages and getting started on her work right away
  • Max Q.W. takes initiative and offers to help his classmates when he sees a need, without being asked
  • Lydia S.takes the initiative to find ways to do things better, ways to help another classmate, and she gets started on her work right away.
  • Rowan O. is a self-starter, gets his work done in a timely manner, and finds ways to help others without being asked.
  • Sarah B. takes initiative each and every day. She's always ready for assignments, works carefully, and completes them in a timely manner.
  • Chase M. takes initiative daily. He gets started on tasks immediately and is always offering to help others.

Fourth Grade

  • Molly R. takes initiative to help her classmates and get started on her work right away.
  • Hayden K. takes initiative daily. He is always ready for the next task and helps others without being asked.
"We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us." - Wilma Rudolph
Where is the refreshed and updated Chad been hiding? Don't worry Chad will be making his debut soon, he is stuck in shipping and is waiting patiently to meet the CFES Chargers!

School Updates

Attendance, travel plans, and dismissal changes should be communicated to cfeattendance@ucfsd.net, and please cc the homeroom teacher. All changes to dismissal plans should be submitted before 2:30 pm to ensure a safe dismissal process.

Thank you for your patience with the arrival and dismissal procedures. Safety on campus is extremely important. You can assist in the process by:

  • Please stay attentive and pull forward to maximize our car capacity.
  • Stay in your vehicle and advance forward in the loading zone between the cones.
  • Drop off and pick up can occur anywhere between the orange cones, pulling forward helps expedite the process.
  • If you need more time before your journey home please pull into an open parking space or proceed to the lower gravel lot, this will allow the car line to flow smoothly and quickly.
  • Please be mindful of staff entering and leaving the parking areas, you can help by leaving space for parking as needed.
  • Keep a watchful eye on traffic control and flow, watch for staff in yellow vests and signs to direct traffic.
  • Remember the speed limit on school grounds is 15 MPH!
  • When on the driveway entering and exiting the school please yield to the school buses on the smaller bridge area.

Please regularly check your email or voicemail for updates from the school for any upcoming communications or weather-related events that may impact the school day.

October Calendar

October 6th - 9:30-11:00 PTO meeting

October 11th - In-service day - no school for students

October 18th - 22nd - Book Fair

October 20th - Picture day!

October 29th - Halloween event - details to come!

From the Nurse's Office - Mrs. Melissa Hocking

Consider getting your flu shot!

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all healthy children 6 months and older be vaccinated for influenza this fall as it is the best protection against the flu, especially now that many children have returned to in-classroom learning. Talk with your pediatrician and schedule an appointment to receive your flu vaccine this fall.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is an exciting time of year for kids, but because of the high volume of kids out on Halloween, more are hit by cars than at other times of the year. Here are a few tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics on how to suit up and troll for treats safely:

  • Tailor-Made-Hem the costume if it’s dragging to prevent tripping and falling.
  • Be Bright-Add reflective tape on the back, arms, and legs of dark costumes so kids are more visible to drivers
  • Walk this Way-Stay in a group, remain on well-lit streets, and always use the sidewalk.


Reminder -Currently the UCFSD Health and Safety Plan requires masks to be worn on the bus and while inside the buildings at all times.

Staying Safe Together PSAs - Face Masks

COVID Communication Updates

Expect communication from the Chadds Ford nurse Melissa Hocking, UCFSD nurse team, and/or the principal via email if a positive case is identified in your child's classroom. As has been the case all school year, expect a personal phone call in all situations where your child is deemed a "close contact" per guidelines from the Chester County Health Department. You will be contacted directly by phone if there is a need to take action. Continue to self-monitor and stay home when you are not well. We appreciate your support in maintaining the health and safety of all.

Free Breakfast and Lunch Program

Children need healthy meals to learn. This year, all students are able to receive one free breakfast and one free lunch, as long as the meals meet specific requirements (entree, vegetable, fruit, and dairy). Meal requirements are put in place to ensure that the food items contribute to a sufficient and healthy meal for each child. See the SSO Info page for more detail.

From the School Counselor - Mrs. Sowden

It’s hard to believe we are already into October! I am thoroughly enjoying classroom visits/lessons and getting to know the kiddos of CFE! Our teachers have been phenomenal in leading each school day with SEL (Social/Emotional Learning) during Morning Meeting time. SEL is especially important in our year of re-connecting. Promoting and practicing social and emotional wellness at home is just as important. I wanted to share these great podcasts, which are quick (each about 10-15 minutes) and fun ways to promote resilience and a growth mindset.

Big Life Kids Podcasts:

The Big Life Kids podcast teaches children to stay resilient, believe in themselves, and face life's challenges with confidence! In each episode, Zara and Leo travel the world to discover the living heroes that are making a difference in the world today. Each episode is reviewed and approved by a licensed therapist to ensure that the social-emotional learning and growth mindset lessons covered on this children's podcast are science-backed and accurate. Ideal for children ages 5-10.

Apple Podcasts -‎Big Life Kids Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Spotify Podcasts - Big Life Kids Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

I’m looking forward to a great year ahead and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns :)

Mrs. Sowden - ksowden@ucfsd.net

News from our Reading Specialist/Lead Teacher - Mrs. Giovan

  • During the first month of the school year, elementary students across the district are participating in various reading assessments. The information teachers receive from these assessments allows us to make decisions about grouping students within the classroom, as well as determining levels of support outside of the regular classroom, either through additional interventions or enrichment. Reading support class and our RTII (Response to Instruction and Intervention) program for students in grades 1-5 are two ways we are able to support the varying needs of our students.
  • In grades K-2, all students participate in DIBELS (The Dynamic Indicators of Early Literacy Skills) screening assessments. These assessments are a series of short, one-minute tests administered one-on-one to gather information about a child’s reading skills. These subtests are aligned to four of the five “Big Ideas” in reading identified by the National Reading Panel (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, 2000), including phonological awareness, phonics, fluency and comprehension.
  • In grades 2-5, all students participate in STAR Reading Assessment, which is a customized reading test taken on the computer. This computer-adaptive test chooses each question from a large pool of test items, making subsequent questions more or less difficult than the prior question depending on whether the student answered the prior question correctly. Teachers use the data from these reports to identify strengths and weaknesses in reading skills and to measure student growth throughout the year. STAR Parent reports will be shared with all 2nd-5th grade families in mid-October.
  • Both DIBELS and STAR assessments are administered to all students 3 times throughout the school year. In addition, several other assessments are used to gather more data about each student in order to best meet their needs and to monitor student growth throughout the year. These include sight word assessments (k-2), additional fluency assessments (3-5), and guided reading assessments (1-2).

We look forward to partnering with you to support literacy goals at school and home.

Student News:

Spirit Days - additional days may be announced throughout the month!

Special spirit week to celebrate Homecoming Week:

  • Monday, 10/4 America Monday - wear red, white, and blue
  • Tuesday, 10/5 Tropical Tuesday - show your florals and get into the island spirit
  • Wednesday, 10/6 Wild West Wednesday - western wear boots and cowboy hats
  • Thursday, 10/7 wear CFES gear or school colors, maroon and white to show your school spirit!
  • Friday, 10/8 Each grade competes to show the most color! Kindergarten wear red, Pre-1st and First grade wear orange, Second grade wear yellow, Third-grade wear green, Fourth grade wear blue, and Fifth grade wear purple.

Friday, October 15th, wear your favorite fall colors and gear to school! Be creative and embrace the season of fall!

Friday, October 22nd, wild about books wear your wacky outfits and wild hair to celebrate what you love about books!

Friday, October 29th, wear your school-appropriate Halloween costume to school! More details to come.

Dialed Action fun for our assembly sponsored by the PTO!
Making connections and learning together!
PTO sponsored CFES Fall Fun Fest at Ramsey Farm!
Did you know that a local Eagle Scout built a little library box for CFES students for donating or taking a book to enjoy? If you have a book to donate drop it in the box or if you are looking for something new to read take a book to keep!

PTO News:

PTO meeting Wednesday, October 6th, 9:30 am at CFES, or join us on Zoom!

Please join us for the October PTO meeting on Wednesday, October 6th at 9:30 am. Can’t make it? Use the meeting ID below to join. Meeting ID: 616 926 7624 The Meeting Minutes are also available on the CFES website.

Save the Date for the Outdoor Buddy Breakfast on 10/22 from 8:15 to 9:00 a.m. More details are to come.

CFES students and families enjoyed a night at Ramsey Farm. Thank you, PTO for coordinating such a fantastic event for our school community!

Thank you to the many volunteers and supporters of the CFES PTO! We are grateful for your time, energy, generosity, and dedication to CFES! Please consider how you can be a part of the PTO this school year.

Thank you to our entire school community for your excitement, energy, and enthusiasm for the 2021-2022 school year! We aim to keep the positive energy strong and your support is essential to our success! Thank you!

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