What is the Good Life? Tour of the Florida Museum ofNatural History

Jaws of Carcharodon megalodon

This exhibit caught my eye almost immediately simply because of the sheer size of the ancient megalodon jaw behind me. These jaws represent the largest shark ever known to exist. From the great white shark jaws also on display, it seems as if the megalodon would have been capable of swallowing an entire great white shark whole. The display case also had many other jaws of sharks that have since gone extinct and I found it interesting how the sharks seemed to progressively get smaller as time went on. Also, the way this display is arranged with glass windows and low lighting gives the effect of being deep underwater and is very aesthetically pleasing.

Colombian Mammoth (Mammuthus columbi)

This replica mammoth skeleton reminds me first of modern day elephants and their current endangerment. If steps towards conservation of both the environment and its inhabitants aren't made quickly, our Asian and African elephants could soon become nothing more than exhibits in a museum. After seeing this exhibit I began to think about how in the next few hundred or thousands of years, many more animals that we take for granted will go extinct. I believe that we humans need to take greater responsibility over the environment that we are also members of.

The Butterfly Rainforest exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History is a great way to go outside and physically connect with nature. The winding path, waterfall, and plentiful butterflies create a garden that is truly beautiful to walk through. The exhibit allows people to get much closer to the beauty of the natural world by housing all different shapes and sizes of butterflies that constantly fly all around you. Visitors are given the opportunity to see the beauty and mystery of nature up close.

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