Marriage is GOOD Antoinette Lewis

Financial Stability


Married men earn to 10%-40% more than single men. Married couples also tend to save more, because they have to look at a bigger outcome in life than single people. Married people are also more motivated to provide for the significant other and children if they have them or are wanting to have them. The burden of bills are also lifted, because when you're married you have help to pay it.

Mental Health

Married couples tend to be less depressed, less anxious, and less psychological distressed than single people. Married couples also receive a higher level of self esteem knowing that they have someone who loves them.

Better Health


Married couples have fewer risk of infections and lower risk of heart diseases. Married men are less likely to smoke, drink heavily, and be physically inactive.If you're significant other enjoys working out you are more likely to join because of bonding. 9 out of 10 married men, starting at the age of 48, will reach 65. Only 6 out of 10 single men, starting at the age of 48, will reach 65.



Married couples are capable of having more convenient and frequent. Married sex produces an environment of trust and openness, allowing couples to express their personal needs. Resulting in better and more satisfying sex.


Married people get to experience more shared join, which makes it better. Marring your best friend makes life easier. You get to be together through the ups and down and still survive. There is a different level of friend companionship and married companionship. You friend might move, y'all might argue and not get back together, but in marriage you will argue but knowing the companionship y'all have it real you will overcome the problems.

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