MY FAVORITE SAINT Saint briGid of Ireland

Saint Brigid of Ireland as born in 451 and died in 525. She is the patron Saint of many things, including Ireland, dairymaids, cattle, midwives, Irish wives, and newborn babies. Her feast day is on February 1st.

  • Her mother was a Catholic slave baptized by Saint Patrick and her father was a pagan Chieftain.
  • She was unable to keep from helping the poor, and once gave away her mother's whole supply of butter. When she prayed, however, it was all replenished.
  • Her father attempted to sell her to a king, but when her father was distracted, she took his jeweled sword and gave it to a poor man so he could barter it for food. The king, a Christian, saw this amazing act of charity and asked requested her to be freed.
  • She took a vow to remain chaste.
  • She prayed for her beauty to be taken away so she wouldn't be married, and God granted it. Her beauty was returned when she took her vows as a nun.
  • She founded a monastery in Kildare, Ireland.

Dear Saint Brigid, please allow me to be holy in everything I do and live a life dedicated to Christ just as you did. Allow me to live up to my full potential in the eyes of God and help others as you did. Amen.




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