History of USSR By: christina casvikes

From @JoStal Goodbye Lenin your rule is over and it's my turn now. #MyUSSR
From @JoStal Our 5 year plan has finallly been put in place. #Communism #GiveMeYourFarm
From @JoStal Officialy signed nonaggression pact with Germany today. #ThanksGermany
From @JoStal Nice try Hitler but this is my country. #MaybeNxtTime
From @NikKV Your reign of terror is now over Stalin. #ByeBye
From @NikKV Watch is US, I have my nuclear back up plan ready. #Don'tTestMe
From @NikKV I will get my revenge on you Politburo. #NOTok
From @LeoB See ya later Alexei and Nikolai, the Soviet Union is finally mine. #Woohoo

From @LeoB Illness will NOT bring me down. #NotGoinAnywhere

From @Gorb Hello Soviet Union welcome to a new era. #ChangeIsNear
From @Gorb Thank you for your agreeability President Reagan, it is greatly appreciated. #SmartChoice
From @Gorb We have tried our hardest but the failures of our past have hurt us too badly. #ItWasn'tEnough

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