Newsletter 25th May 2018

From the Head

It is hard to believe that we are approaching the final half term of the year. I, along with Miss Brown and Miss Ireland, the Heads of Upper School, have had the pleasure of meeting most of our Year 4 parents over the last couple of weeks, to discuss their child’s secondary transfer. Although we are a long way off their 2020 entry to secondary school, time really does pass quickly and it has been very useful to discuss the many options available to us in this area. I look forward to meeting Year 5 parents after the half term break to discuss the upcoming examinations and plans for next year.

When talking about the secondary transfer process, we must be mindful of looking after the children both physically and mentally. It is so important that all the children enjoy a rest over the holidays; their brains are still developing and relaxation and ‘down time’ are vital for positive mental health and resilience in all of us. After all, academic success is important but not at the expense of the many qualities essential in life that ‘tests’ can not measure:

I hope that you enjoy reading this week’s Newsletter and that whatever you are doing for the half term break, you enjoy a safe, relaxing time with your families. I look forward to seeing you when we return to school on Monday 11th June 2018. Please can we remind parents it is compulsory summer uniform when we return to school. Can you please use the holidays to check all uniform is clearly named. Thank you. Could you please also have a look for any star, merit or subject badges over the holidays and return them to school on 11th June as we are running very low on stocks.

Kind regards,

Claire Holloway

Year 6

We have had a busy week of all things chocolatey and musical. On Wednesday, we had a chocolate workshop linking with our IPC topic AD 900 and discovered that the Mayans not only added chilli to their cacao, but also the blood of a sacrifice! The children learnt about the origins of chocolate and became experts on the art of tasting chocolate. It took great discipline to let the delicious chocolate melt on the tongue and to not eat it in one go. We have also started rehearsals for our end of year production. The children have shown great enthusiasm towards learning their lines and the songs. They have taken their books home but please ensure that they are brought into school each day for rehearsals.

In English, we have been looking at the different types of determiners and their functions. The children were then tasked with identifying the noun and the determiner and explain whether it was an article, demonstrative, possessive or quantifier. The children have also been developing the skill of skimming and scanning during their research project of comparing a historical royal wedding with the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They presented their information to the class using various forms of media.

In maths, the children have been developing their understanding of algebra and using formula. We revised how to group like terms together and ensure that our sums were balanced. They were able to demonstrate a systematic approach by grouping like terms and applying the inverse.

6I thoroughly enjoyed presenting their class assembly on Wednesday. Many thanks to the parents who attended this and supported their learning of lines at home.

Year 5

The last week of this half term has gone by very quickly. In maths, we have continued to develop our understanding of algebra by solving equations with unknown numbers. We have learnt that we need to group like terms together and inverse the operation when numbers or letters swap over the equals sign. After half term, we will explore the nth term in more detail and how it can be used to solve number sequence problems.

On Wednesday, we were very fortunate to join Year 6 in their Chocolate Workshop, which related to their IPC topic. We were very impressed with the children’s knowledge about what chocolate consists of and where it comes from, despite not studying the topic. We very much enjoyed tasting different types of chocolate and trying to guess what special ingredients some were made of. The chocolate and chilli combination was certainly quite spicy!

In IPC, we have made great progress with our fairground rides this week. Some groups were even lucky enough to have one to one support from Mr Schaller and were very grateful for his advice. In PSHEE, we have continued with our new topic of Relationships. We thought about what makes a good friend and what we would expect them to do to be a good friend. We also talked about what self-esteem is and asked the children to think about what they are good at and what they enjoy doing. After half term, we will be learning about internet safety as part of this topic.

We would like to thank you for your continued support with your child’s learning for the 11+ secondary transfer exams. We will see some of the children next week for ETAP, but we hope that you all have a lovely half term break.

Year 4

We had such a fantastic time in Arethusa last week! It was a real privilege to take the children away for a few days. We were very impressed by how well the children coped; quickly adapting to their surroundings and showing independence, resilience and cooperation. The food was a particular high point for all - and as staff we were amazed by just how much food was consumed at breakfast time, along with a good cup of tea! All of the children were incredibly helpful with tidying up after each other at mealtimes, and we even had volunteers to both wipe the table and sweep the floors every day! Even though some of the activities were challenging for some, everybody participated in everything, often exceeding their own expectations, as well as being incredibly supportive of each other.

In English, the children have been writing thank you letters to the Arethusa staff and it has been wonderful to read just how much they enjoyed the different activities, some quotes from the children include: “Thank you for bringing us on the most fun trip ever!”, “It was epic!”, “The bushcraft was really fun!” and “Thank you for the archery - we got to use real bows and arrows!”.

We hope you all have a fantastic half term and look forward to welcoming you all back to school for the final term of Year 4!

Year 3

During this week before the half term holiday, Year 3 have been working hard with Maths assessments and writing based on our exciting novel, Varjak Paw. They are continuing to work hard even as we approach the end of the academic year- well done!

For IPC, we are continuing to grow plants in a variety of conditions. The children are enjoying the responsibility of looking after their test subjects and discussing their scientific findings.

Also this week Year 3 enjoyed a Willow Weaving workshop. We made plant supports and sculpted dragonflies from willow. It was great to work with our hands and we had to work collaboratively to help and support one another. It was harder than it looks!

In our first week back after the half term holiday, we shall be holding a grand Year 3 Flower Show. It will take place on Thursday 14th June from 2.45 - 3.30pm. Parents are welcome to attend and leave with their child after the show.

Although the holiday homework is listed in your child’s planner, here is the task in brief. The children have been asked to create a healthy meal at home during the fortnight break. We hope that they will enjoy this practical activity and take some photos. Finally, they need to list which foods might keep us healthy.

Last but not least, please remember that Year 3 children are going on an educational visit to Neasden Mandir on Friday 15th June. We may be a little late back on this day at approximately 4.30pm.

Year 2

The children have been busy completing their assessments in Maths and English this week with more to finish after the holiday. In their IPC topic, they tasted different breads and learnt which was the healthiest to eat on Wednesday. On Thursday they put their taste buds to the test when they had to drink five cups of water. They had to work out which one was plain water, bitter (tonic water), sour (lemon juice), sweet (sugar) and salty. Their faces were a picture as they sipped the cups! Enjoy the half term break.

Year 1

The children are all very excited to bring home their sunflowers and beans this week. They are looking forward to nurturing them at home. Please send in any photos to show their growth. The children have continued their study of ants and have learnt to label the different body parts. Furthermore, they have also looked at the different roles that ants have and where they live. In English, the children enjoyed listening to the fable of The Ant and the Grasshopper and discussing the moral of the story. In maths, the children have consolidated their knowledge and understanding of money. They have been finding change from 20p, 50p and £1. To celebrate their learning, we enjoyed a walk to the local Co-op where each child bought an item with a £1 coin. It is pleasing to hear that some of the children have been practising their money skills at home through role play using real coins. Wishing you all a relaxing and happy half term!


In conversation a few weeks ago the children wanted to know how blind people read so we googled Louis Braille and learnt a few facts about the Frenchman that invented braille. By chance a RNIB leaflet was left in the staff room this week and so the children were able to feel their way across the alphabet dots. One child suggested that we should close our eyes so we could experience what reading is like for a blind person.

Reception have continued to learn about space. This week they have tasted space food and found out how astronauts brush their teeth and sleep in space. We discovered that astronauts can sleep in different positions, including standing up or sleeping on the ceiling.


The week started with another visit from the Junior Travel Ambassadors, who acted out crossing the road with the Nursery children. The children were encouraged to STOP at the kerb, LOOK left and right for traffic, LISTEN for traffic, then THINK if it was safe to cross. The children are very excited that after half term Chrissie Lollipop will be visiting to teach them more about road safety.

The highlight of the week was the Nursery visit to the Horniman Museum. There we met Wally the walrus who took us on an adventure to ponds, rivers and the ocean. We discovered the many different water creatures that live in these different habitats including a very sneaky cayman who camouflages itself in the Amazon river to catch monkeys! We had a go at camouflaging ourselves and pretended to be caymans. Lucy our teacher encouraged us to explore the many different artifacts in the room, including a huge crocodile tail, dolphin skeleton and shark teeth. They were very sharp.

After our session in the adventure room we had a lovely play in the musical gardens where we enjoyed a quick snack.

After lunch it was time to visit the aquarium. There were many different tanks with sea creatures from all over the world. We saw so many amazing creatures that we couldn’t decide on a favourite. However, we all decided that the graceful jellyfish, the blue spotted ray and the seahorses were mesmerising. We also enjoyed watching the colourful coral reef fish darting in and out of the corals.

Active Travel

It is great to see more children and parents cycling to school, especially since Year 6 completed their cycling training last week.

I asked one pupil, Tymon, why he made the change to travel to school in a more active way. He explained:

I started regularly cycling to and from school approximately two months ago (in March). I usually do it three or two days a week. I don't go to school by bike when it's raining heavily or on Mondays, because of PE.

It is fun cycling to school because I accidentally do cool tricks and it is also fun spending time with my Mum and Dad, and you don't get stuck in traffic jams. It is great to see nature instead of people getting angry because of the road traffic. And an added bonus - I get fitter!

Primary Schools Girls’ Kwik Cricket Tournament

On Wednesday four girls from Year 5 and four girls from Year 6 went to a cricket tournament at Sidcup Sports Club. The weather was on our side and it didn’t rain! Led by our captain Emily, we played 5 matches, winning 4 of them. Our team played brilliantly and we came 5th out of 17 schools that took part. We also won the “Respect the Games Award” for consistently playing within the rules and spirit of the game. We were proud to represent St Olave’s in the tournament. It was a fun and exciting afternoon, and it was wonderful to be part of the team. A big thank you to Mrs Farrell for coming and supporting us.

Report by Emily and Athena

Family Carnival & BBQ - Saturday 7th July 2018, 3-6pm

Please see flyer for our forthcoming Carnival and BBQ.

Tickets can be purchased through ParentPay. Please select either Family Ticket (upto five family members) £25, or Single Ticket purchases, £7 each.

Please click on the link to make your food options https://goo.gl/forms/SCuTgLbUuDOGKp993

For families with more than one child at St Olave’s, please only select one child

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