Who Am I? By: Cori NuNES

Before this class,I planned to major in education and become an elementary school teacher.

Interest Profiler gave the highest score for social.

People with a social interests typically enjoy helping others. (teaching, give advice, etc.)

They prefer to communicate rather than to work with their hands.

IDEAS also gave me the highest social score. My second highest score was in enterprising

People with enterprising interests normally have or show resourcefulness

My highest score with the Work Importance Locator was with achievement.

Achievement is important for those who like the see results in their work and prefer using their strongest abilities

My next highest score was recognition, which is for people who would rather work somewhere that they have opportunity for advancement

Human Services was my highest score in Career Clusters

Those in human services strive to provide the best health care of all types.

People involved in human services can work as: counselors, social workers, case workers, probation officer, etc.

After seeing all of my results, I now have interest in Human services

Earning the right diploma or degree is my first step

It is suggested to earn a bachelors in social work, youth development or juvenile corrections

Next step is to secure a license

And finally, joining the associations

In this case, I would like to attend a four-year college and go for my bachelors in social work


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