Canadian Population in 2050 -aLexander MatadeEn-

Oh Canada. The population of Canada has been increasing and will continue to increase throughout the years to come, Canada is also the home to many cultures and is continuing to bring more people in with open arms !


Throughout the coming years I believe that the natural increase will slow down and the increase of immigrants will keep our population growing, and since canada is old I feel like death will also play a major role in our population altogether.

Natural Increase

The natural increase rate has slowly been dropping since the beginning of the 20th century so its only possible for the increase in population to increase by other means. " World Bank" has stated that per every woman about 1. 61 kids are born. One trend that I found was since 1960 the number of kids being born would decrease by 1 child per 6 years, another trend that i found was since the great depression canada's birth population rate decreased drastically.

Death Rate

Canada is a aging and old country. Most of canada's population is made up of people that are old and aging. So the death rate will increase. But of now the death rate in canada is 8-9 people dying per 1000 people. The death rate has increased by 2 deaths per 100 people since the year 2000 where it was only 7 people per 1000. A trend that i found was since 2008 the death rate has been increasing at a faster rate the ever before.


When it comes to people from other countries immigrating to canada, Canada is home and will continue to house people from all different places in the world. Some stats that I found was that China, India and the Philippines are the number one countries that have people immigrate to canada. I believe that Push/Pull factors that Immigrants are faced with is the fast that canada would be safer than their previous home, free healthcare, family and/or job opportunities.

Aboriginal People

Aboriginal people are canada's original peoples and are being treated unfairly and deserve a lot better treatment. The current distribution of the aboriginal people are 8 out of 10 are living in Ontario. In canada up to 50% of aboriginal people live in Nunavut and as low as 2% in other western provinces. Substance abuse is also a major problem in the aboriginal community do to the levels of poverty young teens are and adults abuse drugs just to feel ' good '

Canadian Demographics

Canada is a fairly old country and so is its population. What I mean is most of people living in canada are quite old most are 64 years or older. The current population of '' elderly '' people in canada is about 2 million or more. I feel like in the future the canadian population will have a steady yet rapid decrease in its population due to natural causes 'ie' people passing away.

My Estimite

My estimate for canada's population in 2050 is roughly 40 million people. Based on my research about 1 million people come to canada in the span of three years. But at the same time I feel like if there was ever a war or major problem in the world lots of people would take refuge to canada. For example with the problems in the middle east I feel like that could have an increase as well as natural disasters

The End


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