RE:topia BY Zachary Reese

Our Motto

Play Your Way

Our Symbol

cause it cool

Our Vision

Our vision for all is to experience a fun way through life. That they can do it in a way that can be enjoyed, A way by playing games to decide what happens next

To become a member

To become a member is simple, just apply to it. But then you must go through a series of games to see if you are worth bringing in.


  1. All problems or anything else will be decided by a game
  2. You can't cheat, or severely punished or thrown out
  3. You must accept a challenge that has a purpose
  4. You can ignore random fights
  5. If you lose you will accept it, it is the only way
  6. You must play multiple times in a period to stay
  7. You will do the work you are assigned to
  8. You can't give up or surrender, must play through whole game
  9. You can't challenge a rank higher than your own(or lower).
  10. There will always be a prize
  11. You get the rank of the person you beat
  12. Any game you play will be fine

The System

Part our system is based on ranks. Ranks do not mean you are of a higher status. It is there for show and at the end of every month you will get a prize depending on it. The Ranks are S/A/B/C/D/E with smaller ones based on numbers in between. We also are made up of a democracy, They will decide a lot of things but nothing to do about your life unless you want them to. Now for you to go on and go higher up is just by beating others that are around your rank

Our location

Our location is a floating island in the sky. To get it just contact the island and a plane will come down to pick you up. You just need to be in the right place to find us. Since it is floating in the sky it isn't set in any place. So you could have a different scenery every time you look down.


Why you should come is to live life in a higher and better way. And you will do it in a fun way. It is like a place you would live at in a dream. A place full of games. You get to live here your whole life if just play a lot and it will make life better.

Your typical day

  • In the morning you are required to get up at 6:45
  • You will have to eat a full meal for breakfast that is healthy. Done at 7:30
  • Then you do your job that keeps the place up.8:00-2:00(A group)
  • Then you can do anything you want (play)3:00-9:00
  • A tournament will always be held(different every time)7:00-9:00
  • By 9:00 you have to go back to home(dinner)
  • Then anything you want to do in home until morning

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